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11-09-2007, 01:28 PM
I originaly was making a fancy tutorial but that didn't work i was half-way thru when i accidentaly closed out then gave up anyway here it is.

Welcome to my Landscape tutorial
Type:signature (doesn't really matter
Time: 10min-30 min
1.Start by making a new blank document i will use 100X400
2.pick your color as blue
and get you single blade of grass brush mode:normal Opacity:100
brush around till your entire canvas seems filled,now repeat this step in modes linear dodge
and pin light.
3. difference clouds twice
4. get the same brush out opacity 100 mode normal color green and brush the bottom.
5. do a lens flare in the corner for your sun.
6. do a yellow grade map on top of your sun
7. add a render if you wish
8. add text if you wish
(tip flatten image and do difference clouds a few times for more to it)