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01-10-2007, 08:15 PM
If you have a good sig or banner or any other gfx that you have made that you think is good and/or have gotten good reviews for it, and you want a simple award from this forum, nothing too big, just something in ur profile saying what you have achieved, read on.

Every month or week, depends on how many entries we get, we will hold a poll where the best/favorite gfx is put up and voted upon to see which is best.

1. You can enter only one gfx during the period of selecting entries. Selecting entries period will be announced in time.
2. The entry must me YOUR OWN GFX. You must provide me with the .psd file or any other type of file your gfx program uses. Psd is for photoshop users.
3. You must make a new topic for that ONE gfx of yours and state somewhere in the post that you want to enter it in the voting. Your New Topic should go with the announcement -- The announcement may say -- Contest 1 open -- Your Topic should be titled -- "Your Title (1)" put the (1) or any other (#) for the contest number.
4. You can vote your own gfx in the poll but you can only vote once. Voting from double accounts will not count as IP addresses will be tracked for the polls, this is just to be fair to all.

1. Announced winner
2. Your graphics topic will be stickied until the next contest.
3. If you have a site, you can get your link featured for a year for free in our directory, Value of $10 yearly
4. Other prizes may come as future comes.

Good Luck to all. Administrators and Moderators are allowed to enter this one.

You can donate your prize to anyone else if you want, ex. If you dont have a site, u can give ur free featured link to someone that needs it. :)

Announcement will be made for the upcoming contest, will begin tonite.

Topic Closed -- These are just rules -- If you have questions, ask in the questions and Suggestions board.