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    Exclamation GF Gamer of the Year 2008 - Nominations Thread

    Last year we had a Gamer of the Year poll where Scott won best member of the 2007 year. And we have roughly 10 days left of the year and We are now accepting Nominations for Gamer of the year 2008.

    You are allowed to Nominate TWO People. You are allowed to Nominate yourself and that will count as one of two nominations. The 5-6 people with the highest nominations will be put in a poll in Early January to determine who really was the Gamer of the Year.

    Here are the nominations so far:

    1. Rukisuto - 6 Votes
    2. Samus-Fan - 3 Votes
    3. Trunks - 3 Votes
    4. Yuuki - 3 Votes
    5. jakncoke - 2 votes
    6. Riku-Nara - 2 Votes
    7. YuriPrime - 2 votes
    8. Raw! - 1 vote

    Nominate away. Do not Nominate LiNuX...he is banned from the competition.

    The winner of the GOTY will receive a 500 GFP award and will be inducted into our brought back VIP usergroup. The year 2009 will see many improvements for our members and VIP is one of them.

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    rukisuto is who I nominate

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    I say...
    Samus-Fan and Yuuki.
    Those are my nominations.
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    I nominate Samus-Fan.

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    I would have to say jak

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    You guys are *****es.
    I mean...jerks.

    Ruki will always get my vote.

    And this should be for the oldies!
    If you joined in '08, then rats off to ya!
    Last edited by Riku-Nara; 12-21-2008 at 04:55 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riku-Nara View Post
    You guys are *****es.
    I mean...jerks.

    Ruki will always get my vote.

    And this should be for the oldies!
    If you joined in '08, then rats off to ya!
    I agree, I think if you haven't been here for a whole year, then you shouldn't really count.

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    I nominate Ruki, and Trunks.
    PM me if you have any problems. Just don't annoy me out of my wits.

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    Nothing original for me... Ruki and Samus.

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    i'll have to go with trunks.
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