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Review Just Cause 2 - Grappling Hooks make everything better
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    Default Just Cause 2 - Grappling Hooks make everything better

    Just Cause 2 is a Sand box Game where you are thrown in a sand box with a kick ass Grappling hook and Parachute whether you decide to use those two kick ass items to their fullest is up to you.
    The Real question is did the Developers Implement Said Items in a way that you can Enjoy them. Keep Reading to find out..


    On the fictional tropical island of Panau in Southeast Asia. Rico Rodriguez returns, aiming to overthrow the evil dictator Pandak "Baby" Panay and confront his former boss, Tom Sheldon but there are some outside influences at work on this island

    The story sounds like the intro to any 80's war movie, along the main plot there is some minor interesting plot twists but you see them coming a mile off, and you aren't surprised when it happens. On Panau there are three main Faction beside the government, The Reapers, The Roaches and the Ular, it tries to copy the divulging story lines like Saints Row and GTA, but the missions are nearly the exact same, the Faction missions are boring and repetitive. The main missions do have some excitement but it's nothing to write home about.

    Overall: The story line for this game is flat and is a pure cut & pasted form of the original, with a few minor changes.
    But when the Gameplay works(more on this later) You don't care you just have "fun"


    The Gameplay is 10 times better than the first Just Cause, it is no longer a battle to turn the camera around, but it is still a bit stiff, when in the heat of a gun fight and you need lightning fast reflexes.

    The Gameplay mechanics are constantly messing up and you can see this in the very first mission, while trying to parachute to the landing zone for every foot you go forward you go down ten, I had to make it glitch where I could land on the mountain without it being mission failed then walk up, I'm not the only person to have this happen, there is forums on the internet about this, some times it works perfectly and other times you go screw it and steal the nearest car.

    Now the Factions in this game ask you to do missions and eventually there territory spreads but you never see them unless you are on a specific mission or at one of there strongholds.

    Causing chaos in the city's/villages and so on gets old but you need to do it in order to unlock more missions and stuff at the Black market, nearly every village is the same thing..

    Blow up the water tower, Check.
    Destroy a statue, Check.
    Destroy a propaganda van, Check.

    Then maybe blow up a gas station, and you do this hundreds of times.

    Now the black market system in this game is horrible the order you unlock weapons is set out all wrong, and the fact you have to spend twenty thousand's on the bad guy standard pistol. This would of been Ok if you had to buy the ability to order this and a minor fee for more ammo but no you have to spend 20K every time you need ammo, wouldn't be so bad if you got 20k like it was nothing but you have to get 100% on ten villages to get that amount of money.

    The Black Market Chaos pack you get if you get a special edition like I did is absolutely worthless you cant find ammo for these weapons without spending another 40K per weapon.

    There are minor faults that should of been fixed as they will constantly bugg you like jumping over a section on a roof then suddenly you go in to a free fall.
    The controls would've been perfect if it weren't for these minor but constant errors and problems, after a while they will really get on your nerves. Parts of the game plays brilliant at times and at other times, not so much.


    The Graphics in Just Cause 2 is a mixture the fact you can see miles along the snowy hill side and then the sandy beach, but it still isn't any thing to exciting every thing is blurry like a picture until you get in close then every thing starts to clear up.

    When you get in to the city's most of it is bland and repetitive as the building looks exactly the same just copy and pasted over and over again.

    There are some minor bugs, like getting to close to a building and the camera goes through the wall.(Happens in a lot of Games)

    The Audio in Just Cause 2 is not up to par with most triple A games of today's standards, there is constant repeating of lines, mispronunciation of names and places and some times during cut scene's and PDA transmission's the audio would stop mid-sentence.

    The voice acting is not worth mentioning it is simply terrible.

    Overall: The graphics are nothing too special but CAN look good on PC.

    Just Cause 2 has some of the same problems the original had but with major fixes, BUT they messed with parts they shouldn't have as well.

    Why no co-op? if you have 4 player co-op or VS it would of been a nice crackdown clone, to hold us over until Crackdown 2. (It's 2010 EVERY Game should have some kind of Online related Gameplay. Especially Games like Just cause 2.)

    The fun in this game is left up to you and how you play, if you just run in and do the basic Linear stuff you wont like this Game but if you Have fun with all the Physics, it is freaking amazing like you are standing at the top of a hill looking over a base and you have a Gatling gun and you are mowing down every one left and right with Random explosions in the background, Jumping off a mountain onto a Boat James bond style. Hook a Guard on a crane off a Giant ship and watch him swing and fly off into the Water. Hook them to your Car, Propane Tank etc.

    Personally I don't recommend buying this game, rent it first then make up your mind. You might be able to over look all the Glitches and Problems
    Just because you like to blow **** up. Me I over looked the glitches and Unpolished mechanics long enough to Have a blast for 10 hours.

    Final Thoughts-

    Can be a blast for People who like to Blow **** up and screw around.
    Constant bugs and faults with audio
    Controls and gameplay mechanics are a little buggy
    Some Stunning views But Blurry
    The same missions & cut scenes over and over again
    Very poor voice acting and character detail
    Nice Rag doll & Explosion effects
    No story line, but did you expect one?
    This Game Could have been an awesome Game with a couple more months of Polish.

    Lets Hope they pull an Assassins creed 2 with Just cause 3-

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    awesome review as always, and pretty fair comments from wot i've read about it too .. +rep shixxy, gj mate

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    this is the game that I have wait for ages, thanksies for the great and awesome review...

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    hhmmmm it looks ... okay. Probably not one that I'm going to go out of my way (with my limited time full time college kid schedule) to play, but thanks for the incredibly informative review! I love your work!
    Read the forum rules! Talk to us in the IRC! Tell us why you joined!
    J+A <3

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    Bit of a necropost here, but.. Just snagged this game for $2.50 on Amazon (PC download), which is a damn good deal.

    If anyone else wants to take advantage: Amazon.com: Just Cause 2: Pc: Windows XP: Video Games

    Can be activated on Steam as well. :]

    Sig by TheMangler

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    Love This Game, Waiting it for a long time

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