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    Default Man kills 6-year-old gamer with meat cleaver...WTF???

    In Newbury Park, California, authorities have arrested a man for killing a 6-year-old boy with a meat cleaver. Calvin Sharp, 38, was reportedly arguing with Sandra Ruiz, 33, in an apartment complex Sunday night. When Ruiz?s 6-year-old son ran outside, Sharp chased him down in the courtyard and began striking the boy in the head multiple times with a meat cleaver. Neighbor David Crawford said that Sharp shouted ?die, die? during the attack. ?He said he was tired of him playing video games all the time. He said his ex-wife had cheated on him and was sleeping with all his friends,? Crawford said

    The man was obviously mentally disturbed.

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    Wow... why not just take his playstation or whatever off him and give him a baseball bat and a baseball or something?... Scary..

    Remember Battletoads and live in/near London?

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    Default o_O

    twisted *****.

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    Thats just wrong, who would do that, He should die
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