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    Welcome to the fifth annual GF Gamer of the year.

    We still have this curse where the GOTY disappears from the forum. Two years LemonRising temporarily broke the curse of the GOTY but 2010 wasn't so lucky. Let's try to do what Lemon did 2 years ago!

    You are allowed to Nominate TWO People. You are allowed to Nominate yourself and that will count as one of two nominations. The 5 people with the highest nominations will be put in a poll in Early January to determine who really was the Gamer of the Year. If there is a tie in nominations, a tie breaker may be used.

    Here are the nominations so far:
    - Mizel - 9
    - paecmaker - 5
    - HamadaLFC8 - 3
    - Knibbler - 3
    - Muffincat - 3
    - Jaykub - 2
    - Exentenzed - 2
    - EpsilonX - 2
    - W1CKEDTW1STED - 2
    - CraeSC111 - 2
    - Thedeparted -2
    - Saph - 1
    - ROFLBRYCE - 1
    - Grinch - 1
    - Jayhmmz - 1
    - Diligence109- 1

    Nominate away. Do not Nominate LiNuX...he is banned from the competition. Everyone else is eligible including Game Reviewers, our GFX Staff, the new GF Community Usergroups, as well as Moderators.

    The winner of the GOTY will receive a 500 GFP award and all the prestige of the year. The year 2012 is almost here for us, let's remember 2011 as the great year that it was. Thank you all for being a part of our forum and for being part of the enormous growth we have had over the past few years, let's enter 2012 with a bang.

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    List your nominees people ! I am sure they are plenty new people that deserve awards this year, and old gamers that deserve praising for their dedication ! So #Do It !
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    There is only one person I would like to nominate, and although he had differences from lots of us, stirred the pot quite a few times, and I'm personally not a super big fan of his attitude at times, I would like to nominate Saph for GotY.

    Although there were issues, disturbances, names thrown around, misunderstandings, he did contribute far more to the forum in such a short period of time. For the most part, his posts had a strong opinion and he spoke his heart, which is what a forum is for. There were some issues with understanding things that everyone jumped at him for, and until he went completely bonkers, he put in some effort to try and understand. He was a genuine person here who spoke his mind, welcomed new gamers, and had an effect on all of us (good or bad, take it as you will.)

    He was a passionate, opinionated, talkative, welcoming, contributing part of the forum and for the positive reasons he was here, I nominate Saph.
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    Let's play some games or something!

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    Oh god I'm gonna think about this a bit ... good luck everyone!
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    1. EpsilonX
    2. Jaykub, because I love him and he is such a cool guy

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    I'm just gunna have a quick re-run of the past year with GF then get back to you with my votes!
    If you send me FR, let me know who you are!

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    I'd like to nominate my better half? Is that possible?

    1 - W1CKED (but his better half).

    Oh and I almost forgot, I'd also like to nominate XuNiL
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    I think I'm gonna nominate Jaykub and Mizel!


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    No one noticed I put GOTY 2012 instead of 2011 in the title. I had to check the calender to make sure it really wasn't 2012 just now.

    First post updated with all nominations. If I missed anyone, let me know.
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    lmao I think everyone's got 2012 on the brain

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