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Thread: Work.

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    Default Work.

    Dear work why do you need to be a douche. Hating my job right now. Sorry needed to do alittle venting!

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    ventting usahally goes in GF lounge (sorry guys for always acting like a mod and telling people what to do i realy dont always mean to just like helping)

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    Haha, where do you work?

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    Amen to that. Work sucks haha. Don't know one person who would rather work than do something they love and just get some money to help with it.
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    I like my work, I make websites, posters, adds, manage their e-mail and other web-services to this little bed and breakfast. I also work as a chef, customer service, guide, cleaner at the same little B&B. The days are long, anything from 8 at the office to 16hrs at the B&B, but I love every moment of it! After the day I'm exhausted, pissed off and happy :3
    Salary isn't good at all, but living here is freeeeeee~~
    Shame this job ends at September, then it's time to head back to school.

    And yes, I wanted to write this msg just to rub your crappy work at your face >:3

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    Well I got my culinary arts degree. Sad cause I'm not even using it. blah... Anyways I'm the Freight department head "DH" at Home depot. I got 4 men and 2 ladies under me. It's just sad! Been working at the DEPOT for 7 years. Worked in OH now in GA at the Depot. Same garbage different store

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    I like this current job better than my last, how could I not. going from 7.70 16 hours a week at Pizza Hut. To 8.50 37.5 hours a week at this job that is so easy plus just found out August 2nd I will get a 50 cent raise. So that'll be even more money than I made at Pizza Hut, good thing I didnt stay. Will be making 3X what I would of made there by August.

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    Why aren't you using your degree?! You should be head chef somewhere

    Orrrrrrr, go on a cooking TV show!!

    I don't mind work. Im going to enjoy the hell out of it because within the next few years Ill be a.... stay at home mom. Ew >_<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mizel View Post

    I don't mind work. Im going to enjoy the hell out of it because within the next few years Ill be a.... stay at home mom. Ew >_<
    You do know its 2012 and not 1950, its not needed to stay home if you dont want it

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    Lol Yea, well you know how much daycare is a week? Pretty much what I make already... and screw working *just* to send all my money to some radom person to raise my kids :P

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