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    Finally got to play it, pretty great. I stopped when the server started to lag up. Got up to level 5.
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    Been playing the heck out of it :P

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    I've "beat" it with two characters so far. Witch Doctor and Sorcerer, wasn't going to get the game before, but the beta makes me want to get it now. Going to try the Monk next, I heard it's supposed to be OP.

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    I've beat it with demon hunter, halfway with barb, plan to get more done today <:
    I'm having lots of fun playing it but... it seems easy. I've had almost no tough spots and I barely use health potions lol
    Can I report "Too easy" as a bug?
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    yeah, definitely not too difficult, I used maybe 2 or 3 potions. Haven't died once yet. Co Op makes it a little more difficult, but not much. One thing I haven't found out yet is how to identify items, anyone know where to go to do that?

    Never mind, you just right click on it, was so use to Diablo 2, didn't even think about it, thought I needed a scroll or something.
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    Yea, i don't really understand the point of having to identify it anymore. You do know you can create "hardcore" characters when you are in the character creation menu, i started with a demo hunter, got that to 11 and sat there wondering "Is this it?"... Was planning to try out hardcore mode but never got around to it, but im pretty sure that will increase the difficulty.

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    I don't think hardcore mode works for the beta, it was greyed out if I remember correctly

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    I had a chance to get both my Witch Doctor and Monk up to levels 12 and 13, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The gameplay is simply brilliant, and the presentation is really nice. Can't wait until release!

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    I'm trying to get all the beta achievements but.. idk D: if I pull an all nighter I can do it haha
    I'm at 64%
    Almost done with Demon Hunter, then just gotta finish Witch Doctor.. then gotta get em all to lvl 13...
    D: I just need one more day!
    Juicyz gave me a puppy! <3

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    I Was going to do that too until I saw that I needed to resurrect each class, I've never seen anyone die before. So that one was only going to get done from outside help. So I decided not to do it, I think I got to 50% or something.

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