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Android Games
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Thread: Android Games

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    Cool Android Games

    Does anyone play Android games here? There are some really good titles to play on mobile devices as well! What are your favourite games?

    i'm currently playing SWING SHOT by Com2uS, and QUESTS AND SORCERY by Mobage. The former is great for casual gamers (it goes along the lines of Angry Birds' projectile concept, but it's super cute and has really funny sound effects. It's also more challenging in a way because your position is never static.) while the latter just reminds me of an MMORPG. It impressed me because I have never seen such a good title on mobile devices.

    I'm also using an app called APPLORER to help me find good games on Android. It's really great app 'cos I don't have to trawl through loads of random apps to find exactly what I want to play. I know that's a big problem that most Android users face -.- anyway, it's downloadable for free off Google Play so anyone can give it a try

    Please share your favourite titles if you play any!

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    I've been playing a good amount of Samurai vs. Zombies and Ninja Chicken. Both are cool games.

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    I am playing fruit Ninja and angry bird!!

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    I tried "Supaplex" on Android, but the controls are too difficult for me (whereas I completed all levels on PC before).

    At the moment I am playing "Temple Run" and I am very happy about it. It's a 3D game and it uses mobile-only controls as sliding on the screen and moving the device clockwise or anticlockwise.

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    Dweller. Probably one of my biggest time sinks. Lots of new updates and the developer is great at fixing bugs

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    I always playing Angry bird on my Android phone and love this game

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    Only like Angry Birds... some jewel block types or simple arcade games, but nothing too sophisticated. I keep that for my laptop. haha

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    Thinking about getting an android phone,do they have Clash of Clans?

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    Recently I used to play IceTris. Simple arcade game with falling blocks (tetromino), which you can play while you are waiting in a line.

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    Yeah I love to play Android games mostly Indian Rummy which needs two players, and it's played with all 52 cards in a knockout format.There are many website like Rummy Circle that allows
    you to play rummy game online. It's one of my favorite game which i play on my Android device.
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