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    Default Twelvesky 2.5 Makes leveling up easier

    Twelve Sky 2.5 is a fast-paced Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that combines competitive Faction vs Faction game play with Player vs Environment (PvE) game play.
    For those who want to level up quickly, Twelvesky 2.5 is a good choice!

    Below are detail about EXP boost in Twelvesky 2.5 .
    Level L1-M33 G1-G5 G5-G7 G8-G10
    EXP boost 1000% 500% 300% 200%

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    Oh the old times, i remember playing this when i was a kid lol, didnt know what i was doing.

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    Hmm... yes i think that you are right

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