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    Default How to be a game producer?

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Kyle, and I'm a Canadian living in China saving money to be part of the gaming industry as a producer. I'm very interested in the business side of the industry cause as a gamer myself, I would want to deliver great games to people who have always been wanting them, without screwing them over. I'm probably not in the right forum, or in over my head, but I was wondering if anyone knows where I can begin? Do I just use my savings and invest? Do I contact indie developers? I probably sound stupid right now. But this is a passion that I've been wanting to get into. I'm unfortunately not intelligent enough to be a programmer or designer, so that's why I'm more interested in the business side rather than the creative side. I'm creative, just not in that way. Thank you for your time reading this, hope to hear from anyone soon.

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