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    Default WoW Horde Leveling Guide

    I just put this together to give the general idea on where to level at for Horde

    1-10 Level were you start
    10 Travel to Orgrimar
    10-20 Level in the Barrens

    20 Travel to Darkshire
    20 - 30 Level in Darkshire area
    30 Travel to Stranglethorn Vale

    30 - 50 Level in Stranglethorn Vale make your way south as you Level
    50 Travel to Deadwind Pass

    50-60 Level in Deadwind pass -at level 58 go down near Karazhan and there are broken down houses and there are stairs leading down into a Cave there are level 69s there and there is great leveling there!
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    thats pretty good - +rep given for the info - but do you mind changing that green, it was kinda hard to read lol, i had to highlight it
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    Will do, and thanks!

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    Very nice strat and since both areas are accesable to both horde and alliance I would guess it is same for the alliance... or no ? But nice info put =) Being looking for a lvling guide.
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    Except for the Ogrimmar part it's the same pretty much.
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    Lol yea of course =)
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    I'm a big fan of WoW and I was searching for a good guide on the internet to deal with all the changes Mists of Pandaria brougt, but all the things for free are to difficult to understand if you are new to Diabolo and so I decided to buy a paid guide and it's great !

    I'm rushing to the highest level, I have lots of money and I now how to play; it's simpy great.
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