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Naruto: Rise of a Ninja (Naruto FIGHT STYLE)
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    Default Naruto: Rise of a Ninja (Naruto FIGHT STYLE)


    This guide is for Naruto's fighting style. It is the best way to win fast and take out powerful ninja's like Orochimaru, Jonin Ninja, Kiba, etc.

    Take note, if you do not plan to use Naruto when you are fighting, see the arrow pointing to the left on the top left of your page? Click it. This guide is for Naruto users only. I may update it for people that play as Sasuke, Gaara, Rock Lee, etc.

    Also, before I begin, Naruto Rise of a Ninja does not take skill. But merely using the right combination to out-smart your opponent.

    Quick Facts:
    -All characters can use rage. And you can get it by pressing (LT+RT) at the same time. But, you only again access to rage at a certain point in the game
    -Naruto mostly uses his Shadow Replication Jutsu.
    -Naruto can be the strongest character if you use him well
    Now, I will show you what combinations are best to use.

    Effective Combinations

    UP+X+Y = A combination similar to the replacement technique. The similiraties are that you end up behind your opponent. You press UP and X at the same time and then finish it off with Y. This is a good combo and I suggest you use it because once you use it succesfully, you kick the opponent away from you leaving you enough space and time to do a technique.

    X+X+X+Y = A move where you punch the opponent three times and finish it off with a kick to send him flying. Very effective move and gives you lots of time to perform a jutsu. (

    A+X+X+X = You use a set of moves in the air and you knock the opponent down enough for a Low or Medium level Jutsu. Effective, but only when the Jutsu requires a Medium Level of chakra use.
    Freestyle Combos
    This section is for combos that I made up but are extremely effective.

    UP+X+X+X+X+Y = Just like the UP+X+Y combo, except you only use UP+X, you dash behind the opponent, and finish him off with the X+X+X+Y combo. Very effective but hard to use and master. Leaves you with enough time for a jutsu.


    I understand not many here play Naruto Rise of a Ninja, but if anybody does play it, just know that you aren't alone and this guide is designed to help you out if you use Naruto. Also, people in this guide you can see in the future are Sasuke, Rock Lee, Gaara, Kakashi.
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