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How do i find info on older games
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    Default How do i find info on older games

    i have been looking for reviews on games from the 80's. i've had no luck what so ever. help would be much appreciated

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    have you tried google? lol

    well some games that were raving in the 80s include pacman and that batman game my cousin had for one of his old consoles

    and not many really reviewed those games because they are seen as classics and back then, all games were considered good to play, no one cared about graphics cuz they were he bomb back then and no one cared for the prices - and the internet revolution hasn't taken place in the 80s to spread the news either, just televisions and magazines
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    Is the only thing I heard of that have reviews from the gen before PS1/NG4 on record and it doesn't go into the 80's and is missing many systems. I'm not sure if your purpose of this question is just to have fun looking at old reviews or you plan on buying games from the 80's and don't want to buy stinkers. If it's the former your **** outta luck it seems...the latter just ask around forums

    Edit: Just thought of something...try youtube...it's really unofficial and some ppl suck but you'll actually see it live as opposed to reading some text/score and seeing a few stills
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