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  1. Read this!!
  2. JonMark Carr--The Verdict
  3. Hurricane Katrina: 1 Year Later
  4. Steve Irwin Dead
  5. 5th anniversary of 9/11
  6. What were you doing on 9/11?
  7. Osama Bin Ladin might be dead
  8. Bush vs. Kerry
  9. Aircraft Crashes in NY Building
  10. brian pata
  11. Michael Richards A.K.A. Kramer What was he thinking when he said .....
  12. Sean Bell-Why Did This Happen?
  13. R.I.P. Peter Boyle
  14. James Brown...RIP
  15. Gerald Ford..RIP
  16. Saddam Hanged!
  17. NFL Player Shot
  18. Religious Broadcaster Predicts Deadly Attack on U.S.
  19. Commuter Saves Man on Subway Tracks
  20. Kid Dies From A....GameBoy.
  21. Cancer Deaths Drop!
  22. A family stunned
  23. Water For Life
  24. Jungle Girl
  25. First female president? ('08 Prez Election)
  27. Anna Nicole Smith collapses, dies at 39
  29. RIP Captain America
  30. 9.2 Billion by 2050
  31. Signs of Water Vapor seen on other planet
  32. Researchers want to "Scrap The Internet"
  33. Pet Food Crisis
  34. Virginia Tech Shooting
  35. 6 rare rhinos's killed in last 4 months
  36. Sun's Atmosphere Sings
  37. Potentially habitable planet found
  38. Volcano Eruption on Jupiters Moon
  39. Microsoft to start to pursue the buyout of Yahoo
  40. 3700 degree planet
  41. Explosion causes fire near midtown Manhattan train station
  42. World's Tallest Building in Dubai
  43. 4 dead in Minneapolis - Bridge collapse
  44. Boy believed to have stabbed his brother over a videogame
  45. CNN: Car Crashes into an resturant
  46. Pencil removed from woman's head
  47. Lumber yard Fire in Newport, South Wales, UK Maindee area (where i live)
  48. Marilyn Manson accused of stealing to buy human remains
  49. China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales
  50. Motorway shut after biker murder
  51. Man kills 6-year-old gamer with meat cleaver...WTF???
  52. Woman murders husband, let go 67 days later
  53. Russians get day off to procreate, then win prizes
  54. Scientists break the speed of light
  55. U.S. officials rethink hopes for Iraq democracy
  56. Bin Laden reportedly to release new video on 9/11 anniversary
  57. Couric: 'Real Progress' In Iraq
  58. Police pursuit before M4 deaths
  59. Blackwater security firm banned from Iraq
  60. Senator sues God
  61. Texas GameStop Manager Only Sells to Good Students
  62. John Bolton speaks (No, not Michael, John!)
  63. 7 month old Infant killed execution style...
  64. If you wear baggy pants.. you can go to jail or get a fine.
  65. Police beat up town councilman.
  66. 'Dozens died in Syrian-Iranian chemical weapons experiment'
  67. Thousands rally in Louisiana to support the "Jena 6"
  68. Dubai Tower Now World's Tallest Free-Standing Structure
  69. Classy, no, no, wait...
  70. The New Canadian Crisis: All Islamic Schools
  71. New Foot and Mouth case in Surrey
  72. Televangelist Rex Humbard Dies at 88
  73. 'Bewitched ' actress Alice Ghostley dies at 81
  74. U.S. family seeks political asylum in Finland
  75. Boy survives 2 hour flight hanging on to wing!!
  76. [CNN] Woman says she didn't deserve Taser treatment
  77. [CNN] Vick fails drug test, under house arrest
  78. [CNN-World] Newspaper: Photo not of Madeleine
  79. [CNN-World] Marcel Marceau laid to rest
  80. [CNN-World] Myanmar: The world reacts
  81. Kiefer: Sign, Party, Drive
  82. [CNN] Spacecraft to explore asteroid belt
  83. Bill Gates Stepping Down In 2008
  84. Mind if i use your baby's belly to snort coke with?
  85. No hugs allowed at several schools
  86. Michelle Rodriguez pwned - Gets 6 months in jail
  87. Mom loses leg, 2 Kids Hurt, one might die, in LA Road Rage Crash
  88. Man sentenced to death for leaving girl to get eaten by gators
  89. Man Hacks 911 System, Sends SWAT on Bogus Raid
  90. 2 blasts nearby Bhutto motorcade
  91. Syria confirms Israel strike targeted nuke site...then retracts
  92. Source: Britney "I Can't Believe This Is Happening" - E! Online
  93. Man refuses Jury Duty. Goes to jail.
  94. Double glazing salesman 'punched customer for getting quote from a rival firm'
  95. Muslim prisoners to sue Brits for offering them ham sandwiches during Ramadan
  96. Simply Sad.
  97. Verdict in stolen-baby case: Execution
  98. German Playboy, 77, sues for sex
  99. Xbox focus of probe into babys death
  100. "Don't Taze Me Bro" Cops are cleared
  101. Woman Ties up Man, Cuts him and Drinks his Blood
  102. Alleged Syrian atomic reactor 'vanishes'
  103. Nothing like hot sex with a 92-year-old... Corpse.
  104. Man who had sex with bike in court
  105. Doctors battle to save 'human pin-cushion'
  106. British idiots mock an old Asian man.
  107. Gang-rape victim faces lashes
  108. US Air Force struck Syrian nuclear site with tacticle nukes according to...
  109. A cow goes emo jumps off cliff and lands on minivan
  110. Scientist Finds a Way to Make DSL 100 times Faster
  111. 8 dead in school shooting
  112. Millions of toys recalled; contain 'date rape' drug
  113. Jack Thompson
  114. Mom Gets Probeation For Having Explicitly Educational Sex Talk With Sons
  115. Norman Mailer died.
  116. Kanye's Loss
  117. Santa's warned no more "ho ho ho"
  118. Taliban kill Afgan boy for teaching English.
  119. Man who had sex with bicycle sentenced
  120. Green River Killer kills 48
  121. 300 mpg car for under 30k
  122. Jellyfish! ATTACK!!!!!
  123. 15-year-old girl jailed with 20 men
  124. Teacher arrested after teddy bear's name offends
  125. Mom says couple tortured ?Baby Grace? - WTF (Couple met playing WoW)
  126. What happens when you make international calls in N. Korea
  127. Worm holes don't have worms
  128. Woman injures two with samurai sword
  129. Car accident on Live T.V.
  130. Cop fired after suing family of 1 year old drwning victim.
  131. :( They stole the beer.
  132. Gamer Arrested After Shooting Threat on Call of Duty 4
  133. Jamie Lynn Spears Pregant
  134. Man Murder's Wife a Block from me
  135. Man charged with setting his girlfriend on fire.
  136. Tree Man
  137. Real-life casualties related to an RPG (news video)
  138. 7 year old girl killed by Mortal Kombat moves
  139. Heath Ledger dies aged 28 (No BS)
  140. Asteroid to come pretty close to earth
  141. Microsoft offers 44.6 billion for Yahoo
  142. 6 year old dies by own MOTHER.
  143. Super Tuesday. Who Do You Want To Win
  144. Romney Suspends campaign
  145. Yahoo! Rejects Microsoft's $45billion offer
  146. A closer look at the Chris Benoit tragedy
  147. Stanford drops tuition for some students
  148. Firefox reaches 500 millionth dl and then donates 500 million grains of rice
  149. Milky Way twice as big as once thought
  150. 10-year sentence for shooting wrong man
  151. Ralph Nader Joins Race
  152. Just terrible
  153. lol
  154. Good u sickos
  155. Climate change warning issued
  156. rare pic of Helen Keller from 1888
  157. help scientists out and get 4k
  158. I hate hackers and this furthers my hate
  159. Philly skyline could see a huge change
  160. No thanks, ktksbai
  161. Some ppl.. they just aren't smart
  162. wallet am cry
  163. Nano Technology in the palm of youur hand
  164. Bad Walmart.
  165. Wii remote power a bomb-defusing robot?
  166. woman pwns estranged husband with soap
  167. 54 Burmese Migrants suffocate in Back of Truck in Thailand
  168. Carmelo Anthony Arrested
  169. Scum
  170. murders
  171. Claustrophobic much?
  172. Standoff on the Thruway
  173. 5th suspect charged in Shaun Taylor case, Prosecutors will not seek death penalty.
  174. Rediculous
  175. Sen. Kennedy hospatlized
  176. I hope they catch them
  177. ABC Announcer McKay dies.
  178. Verizon buys Alltel for $28.1 billion
  179. Tim Russert Dies at 58
  180. Stan Winston R.I.P
  181. Al Gore endorses Obama
  182. Oakland Raiders Wide Receiver robbed - and beaten.
  183. wtf...huge prison sentence or there is no justice
  184. France declares war on piracy
  185. Carlin, counterculture comedians' dean, dies at 71
  186. First Atlantic hurricane now category three
  187. President may grapple with same-sex marriage
  188. Police say arranged marriage led to killing
  189. Goat and dog "arrested" in Alabama
  190. $25M claim in death after 24-hour hospital wait
  191. 2nd largest bank failure in US history
  192. :(
  193. Do want.
  194. Insane.
  195. There's a Bull in my pool.
  196. Ninja Down (ICP Funeral).....Why?
  197. One of the most *****ed up things I've heard of.
  198. Want a trillion?
  199. Dodge Ram Rams building down
  200. Estelle Getty passes at 84
  201. Wachovia 8.86 billion loses a qtr
  202. irish perhaps?
  203. overboard much?
  204. Bennigan's and Steak & Ale files chapter 7 bankruptcy
  205. lawsuit incoming
  206. Exxon Mobile breaks quaterly profit record again
  207. WTF? Bus Passenger beheads another Bus Passenger
  208. Kitten thrown from Car 65mph on Freeway
  209. MIT discovers a way to split water into oxygen & hydrogen with near %100 efficiency
  210. Mars Phoenix Lander Finally Samples Ice!
  211. Sheikh flies Lamborghini 6,500 miles to Britain for oil change
  212. Super Epic Atomic Fail
  213. 150 km/h of speeding and masturbating! Driver abuses himself and speed limit!
  214. Man Sets Self on Fire in Rent-A-Center Store
  215. Chinese Earthquake Victims Demand $1B From Sharon Stone
  216. I love it when things like this happen
  217. Houston doctors say they may have found a way to destroy HIV
  218. Nuclear launch crew falls asleep on the job
  219. Texas Roll 'Em: Dude Arrested at Legal Casino for Making Improper Bet
  220. Angry Wisconsin man shoots lawn boy for not working.
  221. A pig monster?
  222. Iphone to take over world
  223. Morgan Freeman seriously injured
  224. Mary Kate Olsen may know something about Heath Ledgers death
  225. Lady pays 50k to get a clone of here dead dog
  226. American killed, 1 other american seriously injured in an attack in China
  227. 'Assassin's Creed' leak leads to lawsuit
  228. Bernie Mac R.I.P
  229. Isaac Hayes(voice of Chef) dies
  230. Spanish basketball team poses for offensive picture
  231. you a-holes
  232. Cold War 2.0?
  233. Bigfoot body found.
  234. USA wind power could hit 150 gigawatts by 2020
  235. WW2 hero James Hoyt dies at 83
  236. Aborted baby comes back to life after 5 hours in freezer
  237. Man calls 911 after Subway left sauce off sandwich
  238. Google going after white space.
  239. meh.
  240. Finally getting somewhere
  241. Ninja's want to send message to drug dealers
  242. Peta=lulz
  243. Second Life Woman Tries to Kidnap 'Virtual' Ex...
  244. Bush declares "Major disaster area" in Florida
  245. Canada links deadly outbreak to Toronto plant
  246. Scientists closer to developing invisibility cloak
  247. TV reporter shot by sniper during live broadcast, carries on with her report.
  248. 9 year old told he's too good to pitch
  249. ......
  250. McCain chooses Sarah Palin for VP