View Full Version : music video service set to launch June 4th

01-08-2009, 05:56 PM
According to a PSN release schedule obtained by videogaming247.com, the online music video service, operated by London-based company VidZone Digital Media will be available to download from PSN on 4th June.

Until now, the Vidzone service – which allows streaming of music videos to all PS3 users in Europe for free –only had a “2009″ release schedule.

Amid fears that you wouldn’t be able to play games and listen to music simultaneously, Sony’s David Reeves said of VidZone told VG247 last year that, “Because you can listen to it – you don’t have to see the music video – and play your game at the same time.”

videogaming247 VidZone set for release on PSN June 4th (http://www.videogaming247.com/2009/01/08/vidzone-set-for-release-on-psn-june-4th/)

This one seems to be EU only, I'm sure Sony will have NA/JPN one as well. Free is good, probably misunderstanding something though.