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01-13-2009, 09:40 AM
Discuss additions and what here, I know this is crappy discussion thread but Home really doesn't deserve my effort as it's pretty crappy. Decided to check it out seeing my PS3 is being a failure and won't read PS3 games and am dl'ing the Red Bull Air Race, it's 21.4 mbs...will post impressions after a couple minutes or so.

Red Bull Air Race Summary:
Graphics are pretty good actually for a free dl.
3 planes with guys names besides them that I don't recognize, assume there famous seeing there is a face shot above said name
1 helicopter, but don't know how to fly it
1 track
1 mode, time trial going through circles

The waiting area is pretty good actually although they should have a more defined start area, you just have to walk against a fence till it says X to start race and well that a terrible way to start , when I was roaming around there was about 20 people hanging out(not sure how this is relevant to anything...lolz), the track was standard and easy and nothing to write home about, can't say I'll be playing often, maybe once a week to try and break my high score..if they keep track that is. Where's my Namco Arcade though :(, JPN has had the Namco Arcade since before release date IIRC. Hopefully more company's make free games like this making Home worthwhile.


Left Analog= steering
Right Analog= pushing forward to increase speed, back for decreasing
R1= making your plane go sideways