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02-25-2009, 05:06 PM
So i don't know about you guys but i have been playing it none stop since yesterday.

If you have any questions about the game feel free to ask and i will answer as soon as possible.


02-25-2009, 05:38 PM
Are the Helghast still as smart as they were in #1?

02-25-2009, 05:45 PM
Are the Helghast still as smart as they were in #1?

Its been awhile since i have played Killzone 1, but the Helghast keep you on your toes thats for sure.

They dont just sit behind cover and pop out and in waiting for you to head shot them, they will provide covering fire, advance, flank, try and flush you out with grenades and if you happen to get too close, switch to melee/knife and attack.

02-26-2009, 11:09 AM
I dunno but i couldn't get into KZ1, but KZ2 is so much fun. Great graphics and game play.

Multiplayer can be annoying with the amount of ammo you get to how much it takes to kill someone. :)

03-04-2009, 06:38 PM
Theres a badge that doubles your starting ammo, its 1-2 shots to the head and 5-6 to the torso.

Just resist the urge to hold down the trigger, short bursts > full auto ( you will win over some one who fires like rambo 90% of the time unless they get a lucky spray into your head. )

03-04-2009, 07:07 PM
I heard the AI was really good in this game.
Adjusting it's position to your type of strategy. Great game so far, Killz-One-2.

Death's Shadow
03-31-2009, 05:37 PM
I'm thinking of getting it cuz I got a few friends who say it's awesome. But I didn't really enjoy KZ1 so I dunno whether or not I should get it. Should I get it?

04-01-2009, 01:18 PM
There's a lot of people that hated 1 but bought 2 and found it awesome.

04-01-2009, 06:50 PM
I have Killzone 2 for the PS3, and it is just awesome. I have not had much time to play it since I had to leave it home, but the short time I did play it, I really enjoyed it. One thing that I find annoying is that you have to earn the ability to play as other classes. Another thing is that the developers removed the ability to wall lean in multiplayer, which ticks me off. In the beta, I recall being able to choose whatever class and having the ability to wall lean during ,muliplayer, which was a huge plus; I mean, it is in single player, why can't it be in multiplayer?

04-02-2009, 05:32 AM
There's a lot of people that hated 1 but bought 2 and found it awesome.

I just picked up Killzone 2 yesterday. About to start playin it before I head into work! :D

04-02-2009, 04:34 PM
I really need to get it, but I am poor atm. Could have gotten a week or so ago but cleared some backlog by getting Mercs2/ Battlefield Bad Company and Getting Army of Two off the 20 dollar shelf. My backlog is hella big atm and my money amount is hella small...bad combo