View Full Version : Arcade?

07-08-2007, 11:45 PM
The Arcade Menu up at the top, doesn't work.
So is there going to be one at all or no?

07-09-2007, 12:16 AM
Yea, LiNuX posted that the arcade link is not working yet, but the arcade will be coming in the near future.
He is busy getting a good cash mod implemented.:-)

07-09-2007, 07:56 AM
Oh well thats good. thank you.

07-09-2007, 10:29 AM
topic moved to questions and suggestions - please open thread in the right category next time - thank you!

and as for the arcade i am still working on putting that together, i just put it up there to give some of you a heads up on what you can expect, from my progress right now the arcade will probably go up before the point system - you'll know more when it comes :-)


07-09-2007, 09:11 PM
wonder what type of games it'll have, maybe pacman lol, gotta love that game, classic arcade :D

07-10-2007, 10:03 AM
Its up but can't get in it :S

07-10-2007, 10:36 AM
Its up but can't get in it :S

check this thread god of pain: http://www.gamers-forum.com/showthread.php?p=13052

you need to learn to browse around the forum a bit more :-P