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01-27-2010, 11:51 PM
Wii Fit was something I never played actually, which was the game prior to Wii Fit Plus. I already had a Wii workout game, "My Fitness Coach" which worked for me. Then my dad wanted the game and well, here I am. I no longer use "My Fitness Coach" because Wii Fit Plus is what I really wanted. A game wrapped around workouts. Wii Fit Plus is even better because it includes strength challenges, new yoga and strength exercises, routines, custom routines, and 15 new games in the new package.


The game uses the Wii Balance Board and this is no cheap plastic peripheral. The board is sturdy, able to hold my mom (around 270 pounds), and accurately measures where you lean and the pressure you are leaning at. When the game starts it measures you, giving you a BMI (Body Mass Index) and gives you a few tests to take to find your Wii Fit Age. My BMI was a tad underweight, 108 pounds, pretty accurate. I'm 5'8 and I could gain a few more pounds of muscle. The game then tested my balance skills and found my COB (Center of Balance) to be oh so slightly to the right. Luckily, this game has a lot of activities to help me gain muscle, lose fat, and help my balance. Though, me being a dancer, I am already pretty fit.

That whole introduction was very friendly and the character even talks to you a bit. I as a gamer enjoy games that motivate me, not berate me. This game never did penalize me for anything, only offering kind suggestions as to how to improve. With that out of the way I dove right into the new Wii Fit Plus games. There's rhythm games, balance games, driving range, skateboarding, an obstacle course, a flying game, and basic run plus. Each game is not only fun but helpful to your physical well-being. That is what most exercise games forget, that we want to have fun working out, not just count calories. Wii Fit Plus has enough games and exercises to keep you entertained. You even unlock harder modes and challenges throughout. The game always gives you a feeling of accomplish, even if you don't quite do well at certain games.

There are also strength and yoga workouts to try out. Each exercise focuses on 1-3 different parts of your body. With new exercises and challenges (push-up challenge where your vs. your trainer) there is plenty to do. With strength and yoga though, come trainers to guide you. "My Fitness Coach" also had a trainer, a female named Maya. I enjoyed Maya, but she couldn't do anything the male or female trainers in this game can do. Yes, you can choose and switch the gender of your trainer anytime in Wii Fit Plus. But what can these trainers do that say, Maya can't?

1. Give genuine encouragement. These trainers do not randomly spout out compliments all the time. If your doing well, they will say good job. If not...

2. Give proper feedback. Maya couldn't know what I was doing, since "My Fitness Coach" didn't use any Wii controller. It was essentially a workout video that focused on specific things, like cardio, yoga, etc. The trainers in Wii Fit plus can not only know what I'm doing, since 99% of the excersises use some Wii control, either the Wiimote or Balance Board, but they gave proper feedback, telling me if I was shaky, which I was, and so on. They actually helped me and while they lack any skin color (both are painted white with two different colored shirts) they are much more human like than Maya.

3. They told me what I could do to not for example, shake. "Focus on your core" or "Focus on your right leg" comes to mind. The trainers are specific and correct on where and when in the exercise I messed up on. Then they told me what I can do to not be so shaky next time.

The obstacle course, one of the new games only in Wii Fit Plus

To close the comparison of the two Wii games, Wii Fit Plus is much, much better than "My Personal Fitness Coach." For the reasons above and for one other reason, Wii Fit Plus measures your progress to your goal whenever you'd like to. While in "My Fitness Coach" you have to wait a week to see if any results have changed and even then that game cannot weigh you and for the most part it's a facet of honesty you need to have to progress in that game. Wii Fit Plus takes honesty into it's own hands and records you directly.

However, "My Fitness Coach" does offer more health advice than Wii Fit Plus via loading screens but Wii Fit Plus asks you if you would like one and not one does it give you a health tip, it may make you laugh. Couple it's friendly interface and very helpful trainers and such, Wii Fit Plus is really the best fitness game I've seen out there that does what it's meant to do, make working out fun, and worthwhile.

Okay, so do I get it?

I'll put this in two stances, one more the healthy minded and one for the typical gamer.

The healthy minded gamer, like me, will love Wii Fit Plus. It not only helps you work out but it makes it fun via games and not strictly exercises like in other games. If you owned Wii Fit, you should get Wii Fit Plus as it has a lot of new, useful, and fun content for just $20 more, if you have the Wii Balance Board that is. If not, the game is $100 with it.

To the typical gamer, you will enjoy this too. There is plenty to unlock and soon enough you'll get better in every activity. After every activity you will feel a sense of accomplishment as the calories and time go up while you also unlock fun things like the Push-Up challenge. From a gaming perspective, Wii Fit Plus offers a new and fun way to play.

Cleril found it hard to review this game...since it's a work out game and all. He felt it best to tell everyone his personal experience and explain how he's sexier than everyone else. Smooth moves Cleril, smooth moves.

Want to see a review written about my game....yea, I'm advertising and showing off. Why not just read it, you may be interested, who knows, except you!

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03-06-2010, 08:13 PM
Your not sexier then me, but good review. =P

03-08-2010, 12:41 PM
If I had a wii I would get this. You make it sound worthwhile to get.

Great review.

Not something I'd get a console for though. Nothing else on the wii interests me so I don't see myself getting this anytime.