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In the distant land of Ukithacah, creatures of all kinds aspire to become grand magicians to fare in the colosseum, where the greatest warlocks and witches attain eternal fame and glory; not to mention material wealth. Routine battles in the colosseum draw crowds from across the land where bets are laid and fledgling battlemagi demonstrate their ability to harness the elements in combat.


All magic in the land of Ukitihacah is controlled by the four elements - Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Before a fight, a battlemage rests and mediates the day before, charging their spirit with elemental mana. These brave gladiators spend their lives meditating every day - practicing and stretching the capacity of how much mana their spirit can contain. When they go to battle, the magician must carefully decide mana of what element they want to charge themselves with - the four elements follow very different practices and each element can only be harnessed through it's own specific mana.

How Mana Works
The more mana a mage has of an element, the more spells that mage acquires. As they deplete their mana, they lose the ability to use spells if their mana drops below a certain point. The mage's elemental charge also dictates their attack power, defensive ability, and agility. As the mage expends itself, these powers will also lessen. The mage's elemental focus also makes them more susceptible to attacks from another element - Fire burns the Earth, Earth absorbs Water, and Water Extinguishes Fire. Air doesn't have an elemental susceptibility.

The Basic Functions of Each Element
Fire magic is unpredictable, frantic and devastating. Fire mana offers more attack power to the mage than any other element; at the cost of yielding very low defense and no protective abilities. Earth magic is slow and steady, offering more defense than any other element and boasting several spells to further increase the magician's defense or thwart an opponent's attacks. However, Earth magic does not demonstrate as incredible a capacity to deal damage as the other schools of magic. Water magic is calming, restorative, and front loaded with healing and supportive spells. Air magic is focused more on manipulating the mind and intellectual dimensions of the world than the other elements; its spells are best at controlling its opponent's minds for various restrictive effects. Air mana lends the caster more agility than any other element.

Game Rules
In the colosseum, battlemagi divide into teams of up to 4. The battle is played out in phases, where in each phase all players submit the spell they want to cast to the game master via a /msg in the IRC and the game master resolves everyone's spells and reports the effects for that phase of the battle. These phases continue until one team is completely defeated by the other. At least at this point, I will likely always be the game master.

All players start with 1000 health. A variable amount of mana, to be decided before the match by the game master, will be given to the players to distribute among the elements as they choose before the fight begins. A player cannot exceed 15000 mana in any single element. All players will meet in the IRC at the game master's pre-decided time, which will be announced in a new thread for that specific match. If there are any questions or suggestions for the game, they should either be PMed to me or posted in this thread. I will make a list of FAQs in this post or make other revisions to this post as necessary.

The winning team will divvy a GFP prize to be announced for each match. Some matches, as announced by the game master, may require a "buy-in," where all players contribute some GFP to the pot to play and the winners divvy that amount in addition to however much the game master puts into the pot.

The spell lists for each element are below:

Fire Spells

Firebolt | Mana Cost: 125, Acquired at 1000 Mana
Caster conjures a burst of flame from their hand, singeing a single target for moderate damage.

Burning Aura | Mana Cost: 2000, Acquired at 2000 Mana
Caster erupts in a magical flame, substantially increasing the damage from their fire spells for some time.

Lava Axe | Mana Cost: 281, Acquired at 3000 Mana
Caster summons a molten axe that cuts through a single melee target, leaving residual burns and lava that inflict more damage over time.

Fire Bomb | Mana Cost: 500, Acquired at 5000 Mana
Caster lobs a large fireball at their enemies that explodes, dealing heavy damage to up to 2 targets

Molten Arrow | Mana Cost: 781, Acquired at 7000 Mana
Caster shoots an arrow of molten lava, piercing a single foe for serious damage and leaving a burn that inflicts persistent damage over time.

Heat Wave | Mana Cost: 4500, Acquired at 8000 Mana
Caster super charges the atmosphere with fire mana such that the resulting haze enhances all player's fire spells. For a short time, all fire spells do incredible damage, are almost perfectly accurate, and cannot be countered.

Incinerate | Mana Cost: 2345, Acquired at 9000 Mana
Caster fanatically spews immense flames, scorches the entire battlefield, immolates every foe, and even risks a chance of accidentally burning their allies. All players engulfed in the flame ignite and remain burning for some time.

Earth Spells

Stone Sledge | Mana Cost: 375, Acquired at 1000 Mana
Caster summons a stone hammer that bashes a single melee target for moderate damage.

Energy Seeds | Mana Cost: 2000, Acquired at 2000 Mana
Caster sows magical seeds that feed the caster Earth mana for a great deal of time.

Mudslide | Mana Cost: 2250, Acquired at 3000 Mana
Caster creates a mudslide that slows the target, lowering their attack.

Venomous Ivy | Mana Cost: 1500, Acquired at 5000 Mana
Ivy grows up from underneath the target, quickly cutting through their body and infecting them with a deadly poison that deals substantial damage over time.

Entangle | Mana Cost: 2000, Acquired at 7000 Mana
Strong vines spring out of the ground and constrict the target, severely hampering their accuracy and making it impossible for them to use melee attacks or abilities that require touch for some time.

Stone Skin | Mana Cost: 1500, Acquired at 8000 Mana
Caster's skin turns to stone, substantially increasing their defense for a great deal of time.

Avalanche | Mana Cost: 8438, Acquired at 9000
Caster calls down boulders to fall from the sky, crushing all enemies. All enemies hit by the avalanche spend their next turn climbing out of the rubble, suffering an incredible loss of accuracy and an inability to use melee attacks or abilities that require touch for that turn.

Water Spells

Ice Shards | Mana Cost: 250, Acquired at 1000 Mana
Shards of ice spray out from the caster's hand at a single target, piercing them for moderate damage.

Dew Drops | Mana Cost: 500, Acquired at 2000 Mana
Caster creates magical drops of dew on their palm that heal wounds on touch. Restores a substantial amount of health for target.

Freeze | Mana Cost: 1688, Acquired at 3000 Mana
Caster turns the water in the air around the target and in their own body frigid to the point of freezing, slowing the target's movement and incredibly lowering their agility for some time.

Purify | Mana Cost: 1000, Acquired at 4000 Mana
Caster touches target with the cleansing forces and water, restoring them to a normal state and removing any existing debuffs or DoTs the target was suffering.

Liquify | Mana Cost: 2250, Acquired at 5000 Mana
Caster curses the target's body to move into an amorphous state between solid and liquid, moderately reducing the targets attack and defense for some time.

Hydro Blast | Mana Cost: 1000, Acquired at 6000 Mana
Caster lets out a very short range wide blast of water, dealing substantial damage to up to 2 melee targets.

Ocean's Caress | Mana Cost: 1125, Acquired at 7000 Mana
Caster harnesses the restorative, equalizing power of the ocean in a magical caress that restores an incredible amount of health over time on the target touched.

Bubble Shield | Mana Cost: 750, Acquired at 8000 Mana
Caster creates a magical bubble around the target. Whenever the target is attacked, the bubble absorbs some of the damage from the attack, draining the caster's water mana. The bubble remains indefinitely until the caster runs out of water mana, the caster dies, the target dies, or the caster casts this spell again to dispel the shield.

Tsunami | Mana Cost: 5625, Acquired at 9000 Mana
Caster calls forth a torrential wave of water, crashing down on all enemies for incredible damage. All enemies engulfed in the equalizing force of the water lose any active buffs they had.

Air Spells

Lightning Bolt | Mana Cost: 250, Acquired at 1000 Mana
Lightning arcs from the caster's hand to one target, shocking them for moderate damage.

Meditate | Mana Cost: X, Acquired at 2000 Mana
Caster begins meditating and focuses their energy. Converts X Air mana into mana of any other element, where X is no greater than 1/4 the starting power and the target element's mana does not exceed 15000.

Hypnotize | Mana Cost: 1500, Acquired at 3000 Mana
Caster entrances the mind of the target, making the target unable to focus on any other creature on the field but the caster. For some time, the target may only target the caster with their attacks or abilities.

Intimidate | Mana Cost: 1500, Acquired at 4000 Mana
Caster confuses the target into an overblown fear, leaving the terrified target unable to focus on or target the caster with their spells or abilities for some time.

Clarity | Mana Cost: 4500, Acquired at 5000 Mana
Caster enhances their perception by viewing the entire battlefield with their spiritual senses, dramatically enhancing the accuracy of their attacks.

Electrify | Mana Cost: 1000, Acquired at 6000 Mana
Caster grasps a melee target, surging electricity through the target's body, dealing substantial damage over time.

Confound | Mana Cost: 500, Acquired at 7000 Mana
Target's mind is clouded and their mental process utterly confused such that any spell requiring an overly complicated execution becomes impossible to accomplish. If this spell is cast before the target's spell in this turn and the target's spell is acquired at 6000 mana or more, the spell is countered and the target retains their mana that would have been spent on casting the spell.

Flight | Mana Cost: 2000, Acquired at 8000 Mana
Caster begins levitating and moves with incredible dexterity and ease. Caster's agility is dramatically increased for some time.

Tempest | Mana Cost: 5625, Acquired at 9000 Mana
Caster calls forth a torrential wind storm, inflicting incredible damage over time to all enemies with 100% accuracy. All enemies have dramatically decreased agility for the duration of the storm.

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This sounds great, dili :) Can't wait until we can all play :)

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Oh man, sound great but the language is way to tough for me to understand.
Oh dang.
spoiler look amazing.

05-02-2010, 02:38 AM
i'm in .. i'm gonna get myself a wizard's hat :)

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lol awesome jango i was thinkin i was gunna get an apron with a wooden spoon.

Dili sounds good im willing to give it a go.

05-02-2010, 03:23 AM
I'm glad you guys like the idea :)
Let's see if this will get off the ground... I've made a thread for the first match to be held this Tuesday. Post in there to let me know you're gonna be there for our first round!
Gladiator Battlemagi - Round 1 (Tuesday, 05/04) - Gamers Forum (http://www.gamers-forum.com/showthread.php?p=207601)

05-06-2010, 06:41 PM
feels like Im looking at a puzzle with half the pieces. I guess I want to know how health works and how the game master affects play.

I understand the concept and it sounds fun. its not even that far off from a workable system you could turn into a flash game or something. But the strategy behind it needs to be explained better.

The elemental wheel seems a little odd as well. I would think air would be weak against fire, because fire consumes oxygen.
Normal elemental cycle: Air, fire, water, earth so if anything earth would be your best wild card since its usually considered defensive anyways. But its your system and you can do it however you like. If you already have the spells planned out in a way that fits best then go with it.