View Full Version : Next Rockstar title to be a PS3 exclusive

08-05-2007, 10:04 AM
No name to the game yet...

Over on PlayStation.Blog, Michael Shorrock, Director of 3rd Party Relations, SCEA has made a post revealing that there?s to be a Rockstar games franchise completely exclusive to the PS3.

?As part of our long standing relationship with Rockstar, and the incredible success for both companies with the cultural icon that is Grand Theft Auto, we?ve agreed to the PlayStation exclusive rights of the next great franchise from the Rockstar studios.?

He goes on to explain that Rockstar are keen to make a game that can only be produced with the ?power of CELL and Blu-ray?.

Shorrock underlined that this as yet unnamed franchise is definitely not LA Noire and in fact revealed nothing at all about the franchise or any possible gameplay at all, citing an agreement between Take Two, Rockstar and Sony that forbade him from doing so.

One has to wonder whether about the value of ?exclusives? as they?re only worth bothering about if the game itself is something very special. That said, Rockstar have a fine pedigree indeed with the GTA series, which has migrated to the Xbox 360 now too. Interestingly, a Rockstar spokesperson recently let slip that Xbox 360 owners will get more from GTA IV than their PS3 counterparts due to the extra content downloadable from Xbox LIVE which Microsoft paid a rumoured $50 million USD for...

08-05-2007, 05:40 PM
ooo, sounds exclusive lol, im guessing its something like halo that's only for pc and xbox - i dont blame them, im gonna assume rockstar has something with sony to make that possible because most games on PlayStation consoles comes out for at least another system. Whether its the Xbox or Nintendo or PC.

08-05-2007, 06:33 PM
Grand Theft Auto was originally a playstation exclusive in terms of consoles (with PC ports as little things to get a tiny bit more profit), Rockstar and SONY have a history together being that the head of Rockstar once worked for SONY so I'm not suprised to see another game like this show it's head, I doubt it'll be as successful as most other games (either by the fact all the PS3's break because of some fault or something else.) I expect it won't sell well for a few reasons..
lack of people buying PS3's unless severe price drops
lack of people buying PS3's because hardly anything good over the 360
lack of sales in the game department because they're all paying for their games or really couldn't give a damn especially since it's going to cost through the roof for the game due to the fact single system.. unable to port.. Well I guess you could emulate it but that needs a machine faster in spec (like a PC but who has $3000 to spend on building their own PC?)