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08-31-2010, 02:43 PM

First, let me start by explaining why I put this in the "other" category for reviews. The mechwarrior series is defined as a "simulator" for mech combat. Its heavily tied to strategy, but its core mechanic is action gaming. It pulls off a near perfect blend of simulated war in giant robots.

We refer to these as Mechs. The mechwarrior is its pilot. There really is to much lore and history in this series to cover even the tip of the iceburge when it comes to explaining its universe, but needless to say its one of the most detailed and loved (and continuously evolving sci-fi settings) out there, rivaling even star wars in scale and comprehension.

Also, this series does little in the way of reaching for epic or unrealistic focus points. Its creators really wanted a believable and engrossing game world where its all about pilot skill, and not one person having the ultimate mech. So it has nice balance in terms of story telling and gameplay.

So on to the game:


In order, Mechwarrior4: Vengeance, Black Knight expansion, Mercenaries expansion, Clan Mech pack, and Inner Sphere Mech pack.

The official free release of the game includes the mechs from all of the above. There are over 180 mechs in this release. But only the single player campaign for the Mercenaries expansion. Additionally in 2004 there was a compilation pack off the first three games sold as a bundle. The free release did not include the first two most likely because of the size requirement. Or perhaps its the only game setting where all the mechs could be available and still make sense considering the timeline. The free version can be found here:


Dont feel to bad about not playing the first two. The story lines dont intersect and have their own characters. Mercinaries is by far the most popular of the three as well, mostly because of its less linear storyline and the ability to travel to many worlds at will while building a formidable group of mercinaries.

Mechwarrior is based in the future of another game, Battletech. A long running series before the inner sphere was formed and the clans where formed outside of known space and came back after forming into a warrior society. Thats about as much as I want to get into the storyline right now, but I have to say its impossible for most games to achieve the kind of setting and background for a good story like this for just one game. So the Mechwarrior series has an immidiate advantage being set in one of the most fantastic game worlds already.

Why is the series so popular? Because its based on giant robots, and come on, who hasent wanted to see them become reality?


The idea behind the mechwarrior universe isnt to far fetched, the series manages to argue the point that two legged mechs have a huge terrain advantage and if we go on to colonize new worlds they are a realistic approach to mobile military strength.

The universe still incorporates jets, helicopters and tanks when the surface of the worlds allows, but the mechwarriors are the definitive military staple.

On to gameplay!

Basically what you are looking at here is an action game at the core. You pilot a mech as the leader of a team that takes orders from you in real time. The orders are grouped easily on the F1-F10 keys so that you can select any individual or group of pilots and give them orders. They also return fire and engage in combat based on their current situation if you forget about them.

Enemies and objective vary greatly, while its always a fight the conditions of your victory depend of on the contracts you agree to.


The fact that the series is older (2000) means its not the most impressive looking game available. But this is just to much sweet sweet combat mayhem for that to be a letdown.

The online multiplayer is also a huge side of the series. Most of the games online are powergamers racking up kills, but if you get an organized group of players using some restrictions on the more overwhelming mechs and weapons, you could have a lot of fun playing death matches or capture the flag. The depth of combat is also very surprising.


For instance, you could have a smaller mech with a fast top speed and electronic jamming to make him harder to lock onto or hit blind firing, and use him to tag targets with targeting lazor or marker (bap, beagle active probes) so that another mech can launch long range missiles from a long distance without having to first acquire a lock. (you acquire locks by holding the targeting reticle on a target for several seconds)

Did I mention customization?


You equip any of hundreds of weapons from three basic categories, Beam, ballistic, and missile class weapons. Each having its own advantages and drawback. There is actually a ton of stuff to customize from color to armor characteristics to adding jump jets and electronic components.

12/10, (come on its free!) Truly a game no one should miss.
Thanks for reading.

08-31-2010, 08:51 PM
I was going to dl it last night but something went crazy, i'll again tonight maybe

09-01-2010, 12:09 AM
Also, this is an important part of gaming background considering they are making a new Mechwarrior:


And, on completly crazy thought, it might be better then Monster hunter. Who knows, anything is possible.

09-01-2010, 01:38 AM
Website doesnt seem to be working and earlier the download didnt work either.

09-01-2010, 03:54 AM
There has been some instability in the availability, I had no problem but I got it late at night. This game might be popular enough to gather a lot of traffic through that single download location.

I would just try it before you get offline for the night, or at some other time as Im sure you can get it eventually. I just tried to redownload the installed and it worked fine.

09-01-2010, 04:03 AM
ehh, I got it downloaded couldnt find anything on where to download the game so i gave up on it

09-01-2010, 04:18 AM
1. Download the file, open the installer, let it run.

2. open MTX


3. go to "available games"


4. double click the name of the program you want to install:


You just, click the little names in the chart and the program does the rest for you. Not very hard after that.

09-01-2010, 08:52 PM
holy crap. wow. i used to love MW3, never tried MW4 cause by then i was playing MMO's. Will try and DL this tonite.

10-25-2011, 04:47 AM
Why is the series so popular? Because its based on giant robots, and come on, who hasent wanted to see them become reality?