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09-20-2010, 05:43 PM


Human hands come in all sizes. Controllers, on the other hand, don't come in a very wide range of sizes. If your hands are larger-than-average, you usually have to deal with controllers that feel small in your hands. Or, perhaps you merely want a controller that's easily identifiable as yours, instead of another OEM controller that your brother might "accidentally" use, thinking it was his. Maybe you like PS3 games, but prefer the analog stick layout found on Xbox 360 controllers. If you're looking for a replacement PS3 controller or another for your collection, you might be looking for a Pro Elite Wireless Controller.


Fans of the Xbox 360's analog stick layout may be interested in the Pro Elite Wireless Controller, as it has the D-pad and the Left Analog Stick in the opposite positions as the OEM PlayStation 3 controller. The placement of all of the other controls are pretty much what you would expect, but a combination of small (SELECT) and (START) buttons, a large (HOME) button (normally the "PlayStation" button) and the close proximity of these, found me accidentally hitting the (HOME) button when I tried to hit the (START) button on several occasions. This gets a bit better with some practice, however.

When JR Nip tried out the Pro Elite Wireless Controller, he remarked that it felt too big. I readily admit that the Pro Elite is a bit larger and heavier than the OEM controller, but to me, it merely made it feel a bit more "substantial." I liked the feel of the controller, but then my hands are larger than average. The Pro Elite has a knurled texture on the grips, which helps you keep a good grip on this controller even in the most energetic gaming sessions. At first, I thought that this texture might also help keep my hands cool, since there are lots of small air channels (on account of the knurl), if held lightly. Of course, once you've been playing for a while and you're gripping the controller a bit, there's not really any air movement, so it really doesn't do anything to keep it cool, but it does prevent sweaty hands from slipping loose from the controller.

When I first tried the Pro Elite Wireless Controller out, I found the (L2) and (R2) shoulder buttons to be less responsive than I was used to, which can be crippling when playing Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, since this (L2) is used for web-slinging. However, after a very short period of time, I got accustomed to the shoulder buttons and it worked fine. The shoulder triggers are uniquely designed to keep your fingers from slipping off, with a slightly concave surface. This attributed to the different response, but with a little bit of use, these were responsive enough for me to play Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions without any issue.

The rechargeable battery in the Pro Elite Wireless Controller seemed to last a reasonable amount of time and charged up quickly using a standard PS3 controller charger. Part of the reason the battery lasts a long time is due to its power-saving sleep mode, which can be a bit overractive, but more on that later. Additionally, the lights that light up the action buttons can be turned off to extend battery life, if desired. This is a nice feature, and merely takes pressing the (Select) and (Circle) buttons together to toggle the lighting on or off.


* Built-In Rechargeable Battery
* Recharges Using Included Adapter and Cable
* Can Play While Recharging
* Textured Rubberized Grips for Comfort and Performance
* Illuminated Action Buttons for Low-Light Gaming
* DualShock Compatible
* SIXAXIS Compatible
* Reversed Analog Stick Layout (Like Xbox 360 Controllers)
* Includes:
o Pro Elite 2.4 GHz Wireless Controller
o USB Controller Adaptor/Receiver
o USB Chargin Cable (Mini-B)

Drawbacks & Problems:

The Pro Elite Wireless Controller has an energy saving feature, where it turns itself off after a certain amount of inactivity. This, in and of itself, is a good feature to have. However, it seems to turn off faster than I would like it, personally. According to the manual, it turns off after 3-5 minutes of inactivity. Most games wouldn't have a period where you would go that long without using your controller, but there are some exceptions, such as story-driven games with long cinematic cutscenes. And, without question, this can get annoying if you use the Pro Elite Wireless Controller for controlling your PS3 while listening to CDs or watching DVDs or Blu-rays. Pretty much any time you go to use the Pro Elite Wireless Controller in these cases, you will find that it has gone into its "sleep" mode.

With the variety of remotes for playing movies on the PS3, I'm not sure how many other people regularly use a normal game controller for this function, but the power saving function is definitely annoying for this application - especially if you need to pause your movie quickly in case of a phone call or similar sudden interruption. However, for the purpose of playing games, the Pro Elite Wireless Controller is a nice controller, with great grip and a nice, substantial weight. I found it comfortable to use for long periods of time, and easy to grip even after my hands were sweaty.

Another issue is that the Pro Elite Wireless Controller can't turn your PS3 on. It's an issue with the fact that the controller uses a USB wireless dongle, but if being able to turn your PS3 on remotely with the controller is a deal breaker for you, you'll want to look elsewhere. It's not as big a deal for me, since I'm usually having to put a different disc in each time I go to use the PS3, anyway.

If you're looking for a game controller for playing games and you're looking for a controller with good grip or one that's a little bigger than the average controller and, well, doggone it, if you just wish your PS3 controller were shaped more like an Xbox 360 controller, I would recommend the Pro Elite Wireless Controller.

Pro Elite Wireless Controller (http://www.psillustrated.com/psillustrated/hard_rev.php/421/pro-elite-wireless-controller-ps3.html)

I might pick this up if I ever come across it in a store but I wont be looking for it that hard... I do need a new PS3 controller since my analog sticks on my controller are in bad shape...