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11-26-2010, 01:53 AM
Gladiator Battlemagi: Rebirth is a game that I designed in which two players use their GFP to cast spells against each other until one player knocks the other out and claims the battle's GFP "pot".

Backstory on the game:
I was inspired by this post (http://www.gamers-forum.com/showthread.php?t=17466) to make a game for the forum that used GFP. I had long ago attempted to design one, but it was really way too complicated and I never followed through with actually finishing it and writing a full program that would crunch the numbers for me.

I went ahead with my inspiration and made a simpler game following Recreational Gamer's suggested design of "cast spells with GFP"... and made what Ilyich has lovingly and accurately dubbed a game of "rock paper scissors on crack." I've play tested this one, so I know it works ;)

How to play:
Not unlike rock paper scissors, you and your opponent both select your move in secret from the other and then reveal them to each other and the move resolves. In this game, you have nine spells to select from - each of which will have greater effect over other spells. The goal is to pick the spell that counters your opponent's, as in rock paper scissors. Once one of the players runs out of hit points, they lose. Both players /msg me their selected spells in the IRC (http://www.gamers-forum.com/showthread.php?t=13264) and I report the results.

Once you've selected your spell, you charge it with a variable amount of GFP. The GFP that the players use on their spells is added to the game's "pot" and the winner of the game takes all. To add to the game's pot, donate the GFP for your spell to me. Once the battle is won, I'll give all the GFP to the winner. More GFP will make for a more powerful and damaging spell, but there is a system of diminishing returns. A "normal" level of power for a spell is 5 GFP, unless otherwise decided for a match.

Detail on the diminishing returns:
The game has a variable normal GFP power level that is decided on before the match starts; that is if the normal level were 5 GFP a spell that you put 5 GFP into would produce that spell with 1x its power. For example, in a 5 GFP normal match, 5 GFP would make a 1x power spell, about 30 GFP would make a 2x power spell, about 75 GFP would make a 3x power spell, and so on.

Before you put money into a spell, you have to pick which spell you're using, though!

The spells are as follows:
(1) Molten Sledge
(2) Cyrstal Flail
(3) Ice Pike
(4) Heatwave
(5) Telesynthesis
(6) Magic Mist
(7) Firebolt
(8) Poison Needle
(9) Frozen Arrow

Each spell has a type and an element. Fire spells (1,4,7) beat Earth (2,5,8) which beat Water (3,6,9). If you have elemental advantage over your opponent, your spell gets bonus power.

Magic spells (7,8,9) hit melee Attack spells (1,2,3) before your opponent can reach you; negating their damage and damaging them. Defense spells (4,5,6) absorb Magic spells (7,8,9), transforming the damage you would have taken times how much power you put into the defense spell into GFP that is applied to your next spell. Attack spells (1,2,3) aren't blocked by Defense spells (4,5,6) and Defense spells don't do any direct damage.

Find me in the IRC (http://www.gamers-forum.com/showthread.php?t=13264) with your opponent if you want to play and we'll get started! Feel free to ask any questions related to the game in this thread.

I look forward to conducting your epic GFP duels, brave Gladiators!