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01-14-2011, 01:21 AM
So, being the industrious and creative minecraft player I am, I have been researching methods for building cannons on minecraft. Why you ask?

Airship battle. =D

Launch pads dont yet seem to be working on the online servers, so for the epic airship battle I am planning I will need to jump place glass to the elevation I need for the two ships and use the teleport op power to get everyone up there when its finished. The idea is to have a cannon battle in airships made mostly of wood with a single core of lava incased in brick down the core.

Obviously the first team to hit the core will set fire to the enemy ship. In order to make this an epic battle the ship scale will have to be massive. with two teams of around three players.

Anyways I have been researching methods of building cannons in minecraft. this is my first original one:


Oh by the way thats not a naturally occurring cave, the cannon really fires tnt.

What makes it original is that its a single action lever cannon. All other cannons seem to have multi lever functions because you have to trip detonator tnt before priming the one you are projecting.

I guess I will back up and explain:


This is how you build a cannon, you place a water source in a shape like this. The water absorbs a tnt blast in the direction of the water flow, potentially launching an object.

The half block at the end angles the direction of the blast if you place the tnt you want to launch first.

Helpful video if you are interested:



1. load the "gunpowder" (tnt) onto the spaces (currently where the stream is) in front of the water source. (this model holds two tnt blocks)

2. place one tnt above the half block.

3. trip both the blocks in front of the water at the same time (using redwire and switch.

4. activate the tnt above the half block.

Note that if you activate them all at the same time it blows up right where it is.

So how did I build a single action lever cannon? I created a red wire path long enough with enough red torch circuits to create the right amount of lag.

Useful? maybe. On an airship there wont be a lot of room to make an extended circuit. I plan to coil the machinery for the cannon circuits along the starboard side if the enemy ship is facing the aft. fitting all three single action levers into place is simply a matter of scale.

Interestingly this also might make a double barrel cannon possible. I'm still in the planning/testing phase right now so we will see. Currently tnt blocks against a 3 block thick wall only destroy one layer of brick at a time, so a double barrel cannon would mean a lot more destruction, the trade off being that it might be more fun to drag the airship battle out.

Also, just for fun this is the vid of me and a friend building something that got out of hand very fast and turned into our lava castle:

(at 1:35 he actually pushes me into lava lol)


01-14-2011, 02:19 AM
looks like you've been busy. Never played the game, looks interesting though.

01-14-2011, 02:38 AM
Although I never play this game but it's surely sound fun. For me, this game kinds like Habbo in which we can use our creativity to making awesome stuff out of pixel furni (Habbo). Good job there.