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05-16-2011, 01:40 PM
Havoc's Critical Review: Garry's Mod (GMod)

[01] Story
[02] Overview
[03] Graphics vs Aesthetics
[04] SoundFX & Music
[05] Gamemodes
[06] Quid Pro Quo
[07] Rating + Additional Info

First things first: This is my first review for GF,
hence I decided to take on a classic that has been in my game collection for a while.
I was going to review Brink but I didn't want to shock anybody with the tremendous amounts of bad criticism I had for it.
(click images to enlarge)

[01] Story

Garry's Mod started soon after the SDK(Source Development Kit) for Half-Life 2 was released.
It took its first steps as a simple weapon mod for HL2: the Advanced Gravity Gun,
which allowed players to pick up any object and NPC, rotate it and rearrange it in places.
A later addition was the spawn menu, which allowed the player to spawn any object from the game in any of its levels,
and create hilarious (and more often than not sexually themed) scenes to take screenshots of.
A mass of features and objects was added and thus the GMod was born.

http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/2954/2011051600001.th.jpg (http://img705.imageshack.us/i/2011051600001.jpg/)
(a typical starting view)

[02] Overview

The concept of the game and its core mechanics are simple: Do whatever you want.
GMod is one of the most pure definitions of Sandbox gameplay.
You can spawn any object you desire at any time, move, freeze, weld, tie, pose, create, destroy and much, much more.
Depending on whichever other Source engine games you have on steam, those tie into GMod automatically,
and any object and character can be spawned in GMod as a prop or ragdoll.
Same goes for maps and levels from all your Source games.
Want to pose on cs_office? No problem. Interested in Test Chamber 6 from Portal? In a second!
Same goes for all Half-Life2(and episodes) levels, as well as TF2 maps and HL2DM maps.
Of course GMod itself features a couple of maps.
The latest version of the classic gm_construct with plenty of place to build, a big hall, a garage and a pond,
and the nihilistic gm_flatgrass, which is essentially one giant flat grass area, nothing else.

http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/8060/2011051600006.th.jpg (http://img841.imageshack.us/i/2011051600006.jpg/)
(it's all about creating...)

One of the very strong points of GMod is its incredible Community.
While not very newbie-friendly, it's fairly indifferent towards leechers.
So everybody can get access to the community created content.
And here comes the kicker: It includes some of the finest user-made content in the history of gaming.
Everything about GMod is open for modification,
from the creation of simple new props and tools to changes in the core game-mechanics.
Most of those things can be easily scripted, almost on-the-fly, using the very easy-to-learn LUA scripting language.
Downloads on community sites include everything from ports of your favorite PC/Console-game characters as rag dolls,
crazy and sophisticated new gamemodes, server plugins, tools, SWEPs(Scripted Weapons), SNPCs and more.
And of course maps, tons of the best maps ever created,
some of which make professional mappers look like monkeys flinging poo at their PCs.(*wink wink Treyarch*)

http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/6467/2011051600007.th.jpg (http://img690.imageshack.us/i/2011051600007.jpg/)
(...and destroying)

A special mention is in order here: the Toybox.
GMod is currently running a beta test of the new Toybox feature, which was implemented recently.
It allows you to access a cloud script database while ingame, and download or upload any available map, prop, weapon and entity.
This technically gives you an unlimited amount of objects and maps for your game, to make sure you never get bored.

http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/8991/2011051600019.th.jpg (http://img34.imageshack.us/i/2011051600019.jpg/)
(the toybox in action)

Another special mention goes to a core plugin for GMod. The Wiremod.
If you are familiar with Minecraft, the Wiremod is to GMod, what Redstone is to Minecraft.
Except exponentially bigger and more complicated.
A vast selection of computer parts, microchips, programmable CPUs, inputs, outputs, wires, transmitters and receivers are at your disposal.
You can build all kinds of circuits, use microchips for single arithmetic processes, or program your own ALU or CPU.
Link it to data coming from different sensory elements like laser-distance sensors or gyroscopes and altitude sensors.
Build and program your own automated turrets, or even hovering drones that follow you around and engage your enemies.


(example of an auto turret, if you want to know the process involved in building one, watch the whole video.)


(This is kind of a crazy contraption... a functioning V8 engine via Wiremod.)

[03] Graphics vs Aesthetics

Source Engine has aged well, although somewhat rusty and edgy, it has still one of the best lighting effects.
GMod has some limitations as to how many physical props and ragdolls the player can spawn, but until that limit is reached,
most modern PC's are on their knees, especially since it doesn't support PhysX and all the physical calculations run through
the slightly limited Havok engine on your CPU. Aesthetically there isn't much to say about GMod,
it's all defined by what you do and design in the game. The menus however look very smooth and easy on the eyes,
but can be slightly unorganized and even straight down chaotic if you have multiple plugins installed.

http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/8034/2011051600002.th.jpg (http://img12.imageshack.us/i/2011051600002.jpg/)
(the heavily crowded spawn menu)

[04] SoundFX & Music

The sounds are basic HL2 sounds with a few GMods own samples, nothing major, a beep here, a tuut there.
Music is non-existent in the game, but a MP3 player plugin can be used.

[05] Gamemodes

Sandbox is GMods iconic default gamemode. You can do whatever you like, limitations are only set by your hardware (or the server settings in MP)
The entire game plays the same in Singleplayer as it does in Multiplayer with up to 64 people.

Notable and very popular gamemodes are:

Roleplay - Probably the most popular gamemode in GMod, players play on rp_maps,
they have jobs and earn money at regular intervals.
Money can be used to buy doors to a house which then can only be accessed by the owner(and designated friends),
as well as furniture and other equipment. Special jobs like Law Enforcement, Mafia Mob, Thieves and Gun/Drug dealers are also available.
rp maps are usually very large maps which resemble your average city/downtown/suburb/apartment area.
They contain many empty houses/flats with plenty of room for players to decorate them, as well as service buildings for shops, prison, drug labs etc.

Stalker roleplay - a less popular variant of the roleplay mode, based on the game series S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
It is basically a militarized version of the RP, including monsters, anomalies, irradiated zones and more.
(depending on server mod and settings)
srp_maps are often STALKER or Fallout themed post apocalyptic regions, cities and wastelands.

Trouble in Terrorist Town - or ttt for short.
It's a "find the killer" game-mode. 1 in 4 players(all terrorists) is a traitor.
His job is to kill the loyal terrorists. Not an easy job as he has to do it unnoticed by other terrorists.
The loyal terrorists have to kill the "infidel", however, they cannot distinguish between normal and traitor.
It's a big, happy family. Everybody has a big gun. Everybody looks suspicious.

Spacebuild - While the mode development has stopped a long time ago, some servers still run this great but complex game mode.
Essentially you have to colonialize space. Easier said than done. sp_maps are made up of multiple planets, with each its own
skybox and atmosphere. Your goal is it to terraform those planets using gases like O2, H2 and CO2,
Energy and other components from your starting planet.
To terraform a planet you have to use all your resources to adjust the targeted planets Atmospheric pressure, temperature,
gas consistency etc to make it accessible without using your suits auxiliary systems.
You can reach those planets either by building a space ship, or, if available, dialing to them from your local Stargate.
In Multiplayer you can then close your Stargates iris and keep everybody out, but be prepared for an eventual nuke from orbit.

This is just a small selection of great gamemodes available for GMod, most of those can be easily found running on several servers.

[06] Quid pro Quo

Well, well, well.
If you are willing to invest some time to get to know the massive and confusing amount of tools and functions GMod has to offer,
and remember to save your game often and don't get frustrated by the occasional crash(usually caused by Addons, not the game itself),
and are a fan of unlimited freedom and blessed with insane creativity, this game will reward you like a King.

Let's give and take...

Taking first:

- dated engine
- laggy when handling too much physics
- chaotic spawn menu
- extremely complex
- requires lots of patience and practice

And now giving:

+ Sandbox
+ Vast variety of Gamemodes
+ Unlimited content
+ Endless possibilities
+ Your imagination is the only limit
+ Incredible community-content

[07] Rating & Additional Info

Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 5/10
Gameplay: 9001/10
Multiplayer: 8/10
Personal overall score: 9/10

Not a game to every bodies taste, but one of my personal favorites for years.

For more info and purchase option go to: Garry's Mod on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/4000/?snr=1_4_4__13)
Garry's Nightmare - Showcases great upcoming maps and gamemodes: Garrys Mod and stuff (http://www.garrysnightmare.com/)
Garrysmod.org - Download many modes, props, and everything else(Steam login required): garrysmod.org - Garry's Mod Related Files! (http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/)
The official GMod forum: Facepunch (http://www.facepunch.com)
Toybox out-of-game site(Steam login required): Welcome - Toybox (http://toybox.garrysmod.com)
Garry's Mod Version 9 is a free downloadable HL2 mod: Garry's MOD 9 on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/90024/?snr=1_4_4__13)

MOAR SCREENS???????? HOKAI!!!!!!!!

http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/9488/2011051600011.th.jpg (http://img850.imageshack.us/i/2011051600011.jpg/)
(one of the countless tools: the Face poser)

http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/1500/2011051600013.th.jpg (http://img59.imageshack.us/i/2011051600013.jpg/)
(Scout and Pyro vs... creepers and spiders? that's new...)

http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/2135/2011051600014.th.jpg (http://img16.imageshack.us/i/2011051600014.jpg/)
(now it's the other way round.... sort of.

http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/9885/2011051600015.th.jpg (http://img84.imageshack.us/i/2011051600015.jpg/)
http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/1733/2011051600016.th.jpg (http://img707.imageshack.us/i/2011051600016.jpg/)
(the beautiful map srp_darkdolina_v3... pictures don't do it justice.)

http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/4237/2011051600017.th.jpg (http://img90.imageshack.us/i/2011051600017.jpg/)
http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/3324/2011051600018.th.jpg (http://img51.imageshack.us/i/2011051600018.jpg/)
(gm_bay also one very impressive)

Feel free to rate and comment.

05-16-2011, 02:07 PM
Gawd i love this game :D

I should probably get back to it now that i have a PC that can handle the Physics maps.

Gmod Physics map, TETRIS POWER! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7jWBSpPXMA&feature=related)

And then its one of my favorite addons

(You can use the DHD to dial aswell if you want xD)

Nice review Havoc. :)

EDIT: OH! I forgot the nuke!

05-16-2011, 02:19 PM
Oh yeeee. I love the phys_house map where you can let a train rush right through the house.
Stargates are also super epic, remember to stand back and not get caught in the event horizon.
And nuke v4... I used to have so much fun with that on some map called rp_nukleartest or something...

05-16-2011, 03:03 PM
And then its one of my favorite addons

Does the stargate work to.

Nice review mate, I want the game sooooooo bad.

05-16-2011, 03:37 PM
Yea the Stargates work, you can use a DHD closest in proximity to the gate to dial manually via chevron, or build a dialing computer/use a scripted dialing computer and hook the gate up to it and then it dials for you.

Each gate you create gets a name/destination code. Or in case of the sb_ type maps, the gates have codes already.

05-16-2011, 08:02 PM
Ive been watching like 10 movies, all from nukes, to warp drive, to engines, to black holes :O This is friggin crazy, lol, its like Minecraft on steroids!

I must try this game, is it free to play etc. etc.?

05-16-2011, 08:41 PM
I believe you have to buy it, but it's rather cheap, if I recall correctly.

05-16-2011, 09:10 PM

funny video of Garry's mod

05-16-2011, 10:09 PM
It's like $10 on steam.

And I have the game, never got too far though. I still go on to mess around with stuff from time to time. I definitely should give it more of my time since there is so much you can do.

Great Review. I'm still reading through it.

05-17-2011, 12:54 AM
It is truly a great game :)

I also love it because you can play trough the HL2 campaign with CS weapons if you so feel like it xD (Or nuke even :D:D:D)
+ you have the physics gun so you can make insane barricades on priceless places..

You can even make yourselves a "starship trooper outpost" on the beach where there is alot of antlions. :P

Then there is all the possibilities... I remember i wired myself up a rocket launcher on my buggy that had its missiles lock in and then home in on a nearby enemy target 1.5 seconds after launch.

Epic fun making drones to send trough the stargate aswell :P

05-17-2011, 05:18 AM
wow.....that actually looks pretty awesome.