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05-30-2011, 06:16 PM
Splinter cell conviction

The guard moves unsuspecting through the hallway, but suddenly he hear a noise in the dark. He raises his weapon and light his flashlight. He enters the dark room and is moving the light back and forth, he aim nervous at the dancing shades that the light creates but spot nothing. As he turns back and moves out a shade comes down behind him. A small crack and a silent complaining sound from the guard is all that is heard as he touch the ground. Now standing up the shade moves out from the darkness and reveals its true nature.

You are Sam fisher, a true warrior of the shadows.

And as always please comment on the review, is it too long or boring just comment.

This is the newest splinter cell game and follows the story of sam fisher, a former special agent that now was forced to go rogue.
To fully understand the events in this game you have to know the beginning.

(some spoiler warnings on SC double agent and some of the begining of conviction)
Sam fisher, he was an elite agent of the American undercover ops third echelon that does the most dangerous and secret missions. Sams boss and best friend is named steven lambert and is the chief of director of third echelon. Sam also had a daughter named Sarah, even if he didn’t see her often he still loved her.
Soon Sams life is over he thinks when hes heard Sarah died in a car accident. Tired of life he signs up for the most dangerous task of third echelon, go undercover as a double agent in a terrorist group called John Bauers army. The op is going well even if his mind is tormented of his daughter’s death. Soon Lambert is trying to contact Sam but is spotted and captured by JBA. In the late events of “double agent” Sam is forced to shoot Lambert as a way to stop the WMD that the terrorists was building. Lambert died later of his wounds and as the about only one that knew the truth about sam being undercover all of his actions to stop the bomb was put under. Sam turned into a enemy to the state in the eyes of the public so he is forced to go undercover. Anna Grimsdottir(she was Sams handler in most of his missions) is the only one that knows that he just saved New York.

In the beginning events if conviction Sam learn hear that the death of his daughter maybe wasn’t an accident and a name shows up. Blinded by revenge Sam makes his way to the name but realizes that it just were just the beginning. And uncover a plot that can change USA for ever.

As you might know if you have played another splinter cell game they are pretty unpersonal, now this game is highly personal, you get to see and in some places also play different parts of sams life that changed him and everywhere you see flimers of his mind, You see flashes of his daughter and friends of before.
This is a splinter cell game which means that it is based on stealth. Unlike the other games this one doesn’t have a stealth meter in the hud, instead the screen turns gray when you are in the dark (picture) This can be a little annoying until you get used to it. After you are used to the stealth system it works pretty fine, you don’t have to look at a small meter anymore.
The biggest change in the control system apart from some buttons are the cover system. To take cover (at least in default) you hold the second mouse button, and to run between covers you aim at the cover you want to run to and press space. I think it works pretty well even If sometimes I get stuck in the open during a firefight. I also though it was simple to accidentally kick in the door when I just wanted to peek under it.

As a rogue agent Sam doesn’t got the backup from third echelon, this means he doesn’t got the best high tech gear anymore. I felt that they could have pushed this even further with having makeshift gadgets but you have several of the ol ones instead, you almost never notice the lack of high tech weapons and you have ifinite ammo on the pistol. This makes it both simplier and less sneaky in the way of gameplay.
Instead of trying to sneak close to the lone guard and knock him out to preserve ammo I have noticed myself taking the easy way and just shoot him. Now they haven’t taken away the meaning of close quarter attacks, you can’t choose anymore if you want to kill or just knock out an opponent in QC, Sam is only for the killing(almost). A succesfull melee attack kills your target directly and is pretty quiet, even if guards to close will hear you. The best thing about the melee attacks are that they unlock the special extermination move. This move allows you to mark 2 or more enemies for a quick and silent(if silenced) kill with your pistol.
This takes me to one other big difference from the other games, the violence. The game got a 18 years old stamp here in Sweden and in good ways.
There are some truly bloody things in the game.
One thing that was in the other games was the interrogations, they consisted of talking and the violence consisted of a knife on their throats or a gun to their head. Here they are a little more violent.


The weapons have also changed, in the prequels there where one pistol and one rifle you had. In this game you can pick up several kinds of weapons ranging from silenced guns and ak 47 to more “splinter cell” similar weapons. You can also upgrade all your weapons at certain places.
The maps are mostly interesting and unique, for example one map is set in front of the Washington monument, nothing special with that no, but there is a carnival or similar in front of it so you have to move through crowds standing infront of the stands and caruselles sneaking on people. There is light everywhere and you don’t want to be detected by the enemies.
This brings me to another new feature in splinter cell Conviction, namely the civilians. In some missions there are many civilians, sadly I felt that they didn’t use it as much as they could. From the early describtions of the game I thought that you could try to blend in and use civilians as cover. I haven’t seen that at all, it’s still a sneaking game so keep in the shadows. But still I think it is a good thing that they have civilians in the game at all, it gives a little more feeling for the world, it gives a feeling that the world is not only filled with bad guys.

There is a mp in the game too. The multiplayer is concentrating on coop with 4 of five modes in the game(even if one mode has to be unlocked via Uplay). The fourth is the only one that the players can kill eachover. The different MP modes are named:

COOP story- this is a standalone story with different characters. Two players play and work together to beat the missions.

Hunter- coop mode, kill all enemies on the map and if any of you are detected there will come enemy reinforcements though make it harder

Last stand- defend an emp generator from waves of enemies.

Face off(the only competative mode) you earn points form killing both normal enemies and other players(its like spy vs spy with enemies thrown into).

Infiltration- like Hunter, only that you lose if you are detected.(only via download)

There is also a gameplay mode called, Ceniable ops. What I see its like the MP mode Hunter but works for one player too. I have tried it and its more stealth and pretty addicting. You are alone and are going to take down all enemies in a zone. If they spot you more enemies will arrive. When you killed them a screen comes up and show your scores. After that you have to move to another zone and kill several more enemies with better guns and stuff. If they detect you even more enemies will arrive and so on.

The graphics are accually pretty good for a splinter cell game. There are much better graphics out there in fps games. The lightning and shadows are nice and the animations are the best so far in a SC game. The colour change when you go into civer is accually beautifully done even if I got tired of it after a while.


They have cut down on the darkness so you can almost always see whats happening, even if it looks a little funny that the guards can’t see you when there is just a small shadow where you stand.
I have watched the enemies when they search a place and even if there are some places they can behave strange they mostly move in teams and covering eachover.

One time I was hiding behind a long table, two guard were approaching it form the other side. First I thought that I just could go around it as they went on but they splitted and went on either side. I had panicked and started running, they started firing as I jumped out of a window and hanged under it. The soldiers opend the other windows and looked out and started looking for me, I climbed along the wall and rounded a corner and suddenly there was this guy with a shotgun looking out of another window and aiming his flashlight. Well, I died that time and had to change plan.
The weapons can sometimes behave a little funny, shots not going where they should and so on.

The voices in the game are mostly good. There are pretty potent voices for the important characters and sometimes the thugs also soud good. The only thing is that the thugs repeat themselves very often and many have the same voice(even if it is so in most games). There are some nice ambient sounds and effects in the game to. Ambient gun sounds and explosions sound intriging and the weapons sound mostly good.


This is a third person tactical shooter with some stealth. Its not as much stealth as in the predecessors. Its got some violent scenes even if its not in class of like fear and condemned. The gameplay is mostly stay n the shadows and try to kill your enemies silently and in the dark, even if it works to just shoot your way through to. Its easier to shoot through the maps than in the earlier games though thanks to infinite ammo to the pistol and that you are able to pick up ammo and weapons from enemies. The main plot is mixing the older style unpersonal missions with some very personal parts that we never seen before in the serie, they are shown as flashes and memories.
The graphics are rather potent and the lightning effects are looking good without to much demands for your computer.
I recommend this game to everybody who played splinter cell before and liked it even if it is more action oriented. I would also recommend that you atleast know the story from SC double agent cause its important in this game.

To be able to play this game you have to sign up for Uplay(almost like games for windows live) and you need to have internet to play it.

my Points

Story 8/10- the story is telled through both flashes and though normal conversations. It does work, just that its a little to short.
Gameplay 8/10- Some potent controls with only a few faults. The lesser focus on stealth is not so god though.
Graphics 8./10- I think that the graphics are rather good, It is a nice effect when you go into dark places even if I think that its used to much in the game.
Atmosphere- 7/10 - Sams mind is falling apart and it is shown in his aggressions and his flashes. Everywhere he sees the name of sarah and hear her even if I think you see them to often. But I don’t really like the “helpful” tips you see on everything so that is pulling the grade down some.
Total points 7.7/10- a great and sometimes hard game that tells both a Hollywood story about terrorists but also about a dads sadness and angriness for his daughter. The badder parts are that its less stealth and that the game is rather short. I cant play MP so I cant say more about that

I am going to add pictures as soon as possible.

05-31-2011, 04:46 AM
Aaaah, yes, Splinter Cell 5; the by far worst game in the entire series and a huge disgrace to it. And I say that even though I played Double Agent.
Don't get me wrong, I spent many hours with this game (134 according to Steam) playing Spec Ops(a gamemode which you probably should've mentioned ^^) and Co-Op(which I think you should've mentioned as well, it having it's own storyline and such) over and over again and trying to get CQB Only on all levels.

But compared to all the other Splinter Cell games, this one got to be the worst. Because unfortunately they killed the entire stealth aspect of the game and made it purely aesthetic. But yea, it was pretty good for an action shooter. It was also the easiest game I've ever played.

Regarding your review as such... you should try to keep the story aspect purely descriptive without including spoilers. Put up some pictures maybe(preferably while putting the review up, it looks half-finished like this ^^")
You've left out quite a bunch of things, like the entire multiplayer aspect, spec ops, unlocking mechanism etc.
I've also noticed you reviewed the PC version of the game at which point I don't fully understand how the graphics were "good". The textures were of medium resolution, the level of detail was pretty low, and the b/w filter you played the game in for 90% of the time killed all aesthetic design aspects. Maybe I'm a graphics snob but SC5 looked "ok" to me at most.
You kept the sound aspect of your review pretty short, no mention of gunsounds, music, ambient sounds; just voices.

EDIT: Also clearly wrong section as this is a shooter game, it belongs in the "Shooters & FPS" section I think ^^"

05-31-2011, 05:17 AM
this isnt done, I will always change things and add,(must get away from that habit)

And about the section, I thought about putting it in the shooter section, dont know accually why I didnt.

You are right, the graphic/sound part can use some improvements and I will try to add pictures as soon as they are ready.

Thanks for the critizism. I will add and change things.

And I dont think its that bad, yes there is not so much stealth but I still see it as fun and try to be sneaky.

Maxx Strike
06-03-2011, 11:45 PM
the others had a better story line

06-04-2011, 01:57 PM
the others had a better story line

One thing that I felt this game didnt have (that I should probably had put up in the review) is that you couldnt hack computers and read messages, apart from that I felt that the story was better and more personal in this game.