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Colin McRae

Dirt never looked so good
You should be warned in advance, that the first few races in Colin McRae Dirt will most likely be difficult. Not because it is complicated to maneuver, or because the car physics are too “realistic”. You will probably be too busy admiring the awesome graphics, and forget to watch the road. Codemasters latest development, the “Neon-Engine”, makes up for their past shortcomings. The cars in Colin McRae always looked good, but the landscape and audience graphics lagged way behind their major competitors.
Name change?
You guessed it! Colin McRae is taking a new direction. This is apparent in the title of the series spin-off. “Rally” and the year were always used as the title, and now it’s simply called DIRT. This is meant to emphasize the new multifaceted Colin McRae. The new game offers off-road races in addition to the ever-popular rally disciplines. Alongside the American CORR Championships with dune buggies, pick-up trucks and Rallycross, there are also Rally Raid, Crossover and Hill-Climb circuits in the career pyramid.

Like we said before, in the CORR Championship you drive dune buggies and pickup trucks on gritty, sandy circuits against an A.I. opponent, and in the Hill-Climb you must navigate grueling mountainous terrain. As always, the clock is ticking. The whole Colin McRae package is rounded off nicely with the Rally Raid (racing on sandy hills with super-charged monster machines), the Rallycross track (circuit with eight other opponents) and the Crossover (circuit with one opponent).
The career pyramid
Pro racers and amateurs will both have fun with the career pyramid mode. It lets you participate in a many different types of races as soon as possible. To move up to the next level of the pyramid, you have to rake in points and money. You accomplish this by running as many races as possible and achieving at least one spot on the podium. Depending on the chosen level of difficulty, the winnings will pay out more (pro) or less (amateur) cash. The point distribution remains the same, which is fair. If the career mode isn’t your thing, you can still put your driving skills to the test in the individual races, or in a separate championship.

That is no easy feat, either. Not at the “pro” level, at least. If even the slightest mistake is made, your opponents will react so fiercely that your little ponies won’t know what hit them. If you’re not careful, you run the risk of a total write-off. Beginners, on the other hand, are given the opportunity to experience the glories of success at the amateur level. Hats off to Colin McRae. This game really has something for everyone.

It’s really hard to miss the car physics as well. They are not as realistic as in Richard Burns Rally for example, but they still make a good impression. Codemasters has managed to find the mid point between corny arcade style, and challenging race simulation games.
Pimp my ride
Colin McRae Dirt has something for motor heads, too. You can tinker with just about every nut and bolt of your ride. Tuning your car has a realistic impact on your driving capabilities, so it could be worth your while to do a test run of the track before the actual race, and tweak your vehicle according the track conditions. If you don’t have a clue about tuning cars, don’t worry. The standard settings are so good, that you can still win every race without having to tinker. It may be after the second start, though.
A.I. or multiplayer mode
We thought at first, that this would be an easy decision to make. Here is where Colin McRae deserves a slap on the wrist, however. The game could have easily done without the multiplayer mode.

We thought at first, that this would be an easy decision to make. Here is where Colin McRae deserves a slap on the wrist, however. The game could have easily done without the multiplayer mode.

The spectacular damage modeling and tracks set the game up for an exiting and motivating Multiplayer mode. We made the unfortunate discovery, that we could simultaneously drive on the course with up to 100 different opponents, but we couldn’t see it. Not even in the simulation. You are only racing against the other opponents’ times. Too bad!

We preferred the “edge of your seat” Cross-Rally races. The A.I. opponents react so well. There’s pushing and shoving, and if there is one, they will gladly take a short cut. The A.I. opponents do make a blunder now and again, so that it is possible for that annoying person in the lead to topple over because he took a corner too fast.

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this is a great game but to play it on pc especially you need a high spec pc :)
this game is out for:
Sony Playstation 3
Microsoft Xbox 360
Windows XP/Vista

Rest in Peace Colin Mcrae

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09-18-2007, 07:46 AM
I'm already have a great PC, this game looks good but I don't think I going to bought it :)

09-18-2007, 04:24 PM
It looks like a good game. But I wont be getting it any time soon. There's other "better" driving games around. And I heard the american voiceover was really annoying.