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06-25-2011, 12:51 PM
Gamers-Forum IRC Trivia Night (the Seventh!)
July 17th, 6pm EST, in the Gamers-Forum IRC
Winner takes 500GFP!

The rules are the beautiful wall of text in the quote box below. They are ever-changing as we continue to make effective tweaks to the details of the trivia night's execution, so do us and yourself a favor and read them in their entirety so that there's little to no confusion the day of the trivia event!

Questions will be selected from four categories. Three of the categories will have questions of varying difficulty. There will be a 1, 3, 5, and 7 point questions for each of these categories (the 7 pointer being the most difficult question and the 1 pointer being the easiest question.) The fourth category will be a collection of miscellaneous questions of equal difficulty that are worth 3 points each.

The categories are for this trivia night are Gaming, Miscellaneous, and Two more categories will be announced soon

We will ask questions in the IRC Channel and answers should be /msg'd to the person hosting. Answers will be accepted for fifteen seconds following the timestamp on the message containing the question. Any answers /msg'd after that timeframe will not be counted. Everyone gets one answer - the first /msg received from someone counts as their one and only answer. Any other answers or messages received after the first do not count.

Everyone that /msg's the correct answer gets the points from that question. The first correct response will be awarded a bonus point. The first response will be determined based on which message the host's client received first. We will determine which responses were received within the time limit based on the times my client received them.

When we are going to write the next question in the IRC channel, we will moderate the channel (disallow anyone but those who are moderating the event to post messages to the channel.) We will then announce the category of the next question and the number of points of the next question. Finally, we will announce the question and the instant the question is posted, the 15 second timeframe for answers starts.

After the 15 seconds for the question have passed, we'll announce the answer, who got it right within the 15 seconds, and who got it first in the IRC channel. We will not respond to anybody's /msg's; we'll be far too busy to be able to. After every five questions, we will post the scores as they stand. We will also post the scores before the penultimate and final questions. The winner will soon after receive their 500GFP and be contacted to select a category for the next trivia night.

We'll see you all there!

The people currently signed up for this trivia night are:

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Please note that the time has changed from 5PM to 6PM. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Hope to see a better turnout at the next event!


06-25-2011, 06:01 PM
ohhh D: I'll be camping ):

Trivia is so lulzy and fun <':