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07-05-2016, 03:44 PM

Somebody can tell its too much: ESL is quite large company, organizing esport competitions with thousands of spectators and good finance... how can they permit themselves SUCH things? What a business they'll have as a result?..

But we can mention, that if to leave aside somewhat Dota or Mortal Combat battles, we shall find in their list also a lot of small projects, where managers operate with their own discretion... few participants (totally depending on their arbitrariness), few spectators, not so great prizes - not so hard efforts, and you obtain your little part, and all on the sly. Looks like, upper staff in better case simply wink at it... but as a result we can began ask ourselves about greater projects also...

Thus, one of such projects is WRC 5 tournament. Its racing game - official game of World Rally Championship. One chicken-like person,

named Rene Grunner (or Buttler?) and working in ESL as broadcaster, looks like, met in Munich, where he live, FIA manager, working for WRC PR, and decided to create with his assistance his OWN leage. Briefly: this guy organized just his own team, or gang, with which he goes to capture prizes, but most interesting is not this fact itself, but fantasically impudent intakes he began to use for opponents excluding, from competition structure perverting and shedule breaking up to direct banning of most dangerous rivals of his protege, participating in the tournament. Looking to total picture of already finished events we can as a result obtain very impressive and excluding doubts conclusions.


Proclamed idea of the competition was such: simultaneously with real World Rally Championship events 10 selection rounds in the same locations (presenting in game) has to be carried out, and after each 5 also in some location semi-finals must determine those, who will be invited to Cardiff to the grand final of real WRC for taking part in parallel competition for main prize - Hyundai i20 car. For each of the game platforms (PC, Xbox and Playstation) 3 winners of selection round goes to semi-final, where from these 15 only 3 also goes to Wales in October, and there all platforms will fight for main prize together: 3x3x2=18 participants.

Before each live broadcasted event four-days online qualify take place: after 4 attempts in time attack at selcted track 8 best players proceed to main perfomance with Twitch spectators. Here also two parts presented: semi-final, where 4 of 8 has to be eliminated, and final, where 4 fights for 3 places in grand season semi-final.

So... just here strange things began to appear. If somebody dont know well real rally competitions format... can you, for example, imagine Formula One tournament, no matter - real or virtual, - where drivers compete in ONE LAP race? Ridiculous? - of course, but its just exactly what took place in our competition: at decisive races players competed at 2 minutes 3km stages. Of course, no any concern to "WRC experience" it has: at real competitions drivers make hundreds of kilometers, and even speedy special stages total time closer to hour. In game for each location 5 stages of different length presented: why not to use them all? Reduce broadcating time? - but in this case it would be better to reduce it to zero and dont show anything. We can watch lap racing competitions with 15 and more laps - so, if we want to make show and "professional league" - what prevent us to use at least the same time limits? Twitch does not demand money for web broadcast, and its really funny, that between two-minute races they for half-hour show us Grunner's physiognomy and his sensless chatter with some other guy. So, you want to ask, for what all these nonsense needed?..

- But its not all. Except of mentioned 5 tracks at each of 13 locations also one additional track was produced, as if, specially for this esport tournament. Although most of these new tracks (distributed as downloadable content) are mad and unfit for competition, generally its good news for rally simulating: in real competition driver has no right enter track before official start, he must drive at UNKNOWN track being guided with co-driver's notes. So, if other tracks were avaiable for detail explore before - why not to use at least these additional tracks for imitate just RALLY driving, fast and safety simultaneoulsy? - of course, it would be even better to use all 65+13 tracks with random selection just during broadcasting... but really - what was made? -

Not enough, that all these 13 new tracks from the begining became open for unlimited investigation. Moreover, in first two events (Monaco and Sweden) the same two-minute mad tracks were used 1)for preliminary qualify 2)for live semi-final and 3)for live final. Three times the same, when five others, and not worse others, avaialble, - can you imagine, for what this absurdity needed?..


Thus, under community pressure in next event only in qualify and semi-final downloadable stage were keeped - for final (where 3 of 4 proceed) two other stages became added, with all three stages time summarizing. It was also good news, but just here some interesting things appeared also. In upper part of qualifying list (presenting in-game and being updated live when players make their attempts) - in this list the number of players, representing such playing empires like GB, France, Italy or Russia varied from zero to one. But I counted SEVEN(7) players from Germany, most of them with hidden Steam accounts and zero playng time in this game. Where from they arised, how do you think? Was it accidentally?.. Most interesting, that for making qualify and play semi-final only ONE good player in quite enough: he can enter his friends' accounts and make good times, and then, in live race, compete practically with his own shadow. I've posted at official forum and even wrote to ESL about this danger, offering to make 50 hours game experience demand for esport competition participating - so, how do you think, did they make at least anything? - empty question... but, of course, they were forced to take into account a noise I produced.


And really nice things began at the next, 4th event - Rally Argentina (where I participated and for the end became qualified to Italy semi-final). Very simple: event was abandoned and postponed for a week when participants were already in lobby and spectators - near their monitors. What a reason? - no reason. "Technical problems". Already later, when such problems became redoubled, gamers tried to force Grunner at forum to explain it in concrete. But he occur unable to invent at least something for cover his nudity! Really, what problems can take place, if game servers works, Twitch works, even studio works? So, it was funny to hear, how he continued to bleat about "technical" and "not our side" -without any hint at WHOES side can be presented here instead of their, organizers' side?

I believe, no need to talk a lot about how good surprize was made for players, which prepared themselves, worked hard at tracks, tried to concentrate psychologically, but we must also take in mind "promotion" made for show: so great way to attract spectators for further events!..

So, when next Sunday competition nevertheless took place, some qualified participants occur really unable to enter game room by technical reason, which was absolutly clear and could be fixed in three minutes, but organizers made nothing for it. Really, what a care for them! BUT! In contrary with announced shedule gaming platforms' competitions order was changed just during broadcasting: after Playstation race finish not Xbox, as usual, but PC players were suddenly invited to lobby. Two of them, as it was already mentioned, were unable, but others, including me, were very close to miss event by simply reason leave room for 5 minutes, no words about psychological stress. Most nice here, that although explanation was "not enough players at Xbox lobby for start", as a result just PC membershib occur incomplete in bigger degree, than Xbox's one. How do you think, what a true reason for it took place? May be, here we can find hint for all previous questions answering?..

Yes, true cause of all that became clear, when the next event, Rally Portugal, was abandoned TWICE. Yes, you read correct: they stopped all in the last moment absolutly in the same way at preliminary sheduled Sunday and at next Sunday also - and with the same bleat about "not our side". But now all understood all: "technical problems" became so serious here, because this event given the last chance for qualifying to Italy semi-final. And somebody decided to make ANYTHING for giving such possibility for only ONE player.


This player (can you guess - from what country?), with nickname similar to "firedcock", appeared in game before Argentina event: he demonstrated some extremely high, even suspicious results in leaderboards of several tracks and promotion events. Although he occured unable to beat my results at some tracks without long straight and uphill sectors, it was clear, that this "professional player", as he was introduced to us by his compatriots, (or, may be, hackers' team), - that just up to him mostly high stakes will be probably made. He trained for some time in Argentina, but didnt participate - may be, by the reason three very strong and popular in community racers took part there.

And when he for the ends of all nevertheless started in Portugal, it became quite clear, for what organizers perverted the very idea of rally competition, for what were needed those deciesive two minute races - and, of course, for what - events postponing. The question is in fact, that "professional players", first of all, mainly practice in lap racing, where you must chew over well just two minute track - and then be ready to reproduce once found solutions exactly in any time, day or night.

But second, they are so busy people! They have no time to chew over some more long stage, especially like presented in our game, and, of course, no time for all 6 stages. And its not enough: they are especially busy just in Sundays, when most esport racing events take place! And, well, true reason of both Portugal events abandoning is in fact, that our FiredCock in this time fighted somewhere for live money - he practically blurted about it at forum himself!

And he would miss the last attempt also, if his protectors would not make one fantastically impudent horse move: they suddenly shifted event from Sunday to previous Friday!


Easy to understand, why such events never being organized in working days: its practically impossible to gather spectators, but at least some participants cannot enter also. Interesting to mention, that just before it semi-final format was discussed at forum, and when I said "why dont use Saturday for first round" Grunner snapped out "all events will be at Sunday".

But most nice, in how way they made it. At official forum announcement of the event appeared in FOUR HOURS before start. Is it not sweet? Somebody said about facebook, I cannot rebut it - but before nobody used facebook for getting such info, because reminder with countdown was presented just in game main menu, and instead of enter there corrected date they DELETED it at all.

As for personal messages in Steam and other game managers, we know at least one case of presented in top 8 qualified player didnt recieve it. And others... many players created special Steam accounts for this esport tournament, and they simply didnt enter these accounts in working days. Of course, some of them occur unable at all compete in working day - and in this ocassion reserv players from lower part of qualify list would had to be invited, but not enough, that nobody from them recieved message - swindlers for purpose deleted also qualify list itself, which before also was presented in game menu. So, these reserv players lost possibility of estimate their chances for participation.

Thus, in one move cheaters' team solved both problems: "Sunday" problem of shedule for their protege, and also excluding potential rivals for him also. And not in vain they made efforts at second point also, deliberately hiding info from potential participants. Because in case if even not really best players from qualify list, but at least not so fast, but stable racers from reserv would entered the race nevertheless, our hero, damageb bird, would not have ANY chance.

First we can mention, that as a resut of that efforts at Xbox competition 5 players instead of 8 took part, at PC - 4 of 8! So, last case first round, where 4 of 8 has to be eliminated, happened useless: our friends eliminated them themselves, and eliminated really best. I think, no need to explain, that in ANY sports such event would be considered as absolutly illegal and would be not started.

- But it was NECESSARY for desired person could proceed semi-final, because he totally failed this event: he won well that chewed over track, but at two others he got 3-4 position, and in last race poured out to leader 13 seconds! What a shamelessness you need for after that go further to fight for prize! - but, looks like, we can find here a proof for God's existence fact: in semi-final our hero, being the leader after two first rounds, in the first sector of last stage crashed his car and not finished at all.


And if you think that its the final of our story, you are not right: the most interesting is yet to come. So, in Saturday I posted at forum, that Portugal event was totally illegal and must be restarted in Sunday (it was last Sunday before sheduled Italy semi-final), and in case it will not be done, I shall distribute info in the net. As a community leader (I have world records at 90% of tracks and so on) previously I also tried to protest against mentioned above outrage, and for it recieved from Grunner threatens of ban. This case he proclamed, that now I'll be really banned from semi-final and all ESL competitions forever. It confirm, that he afraid me as a participant in greater extent, than in some other role.

And what happened further?.. I think, you simply cannot imagine. After a week, semi-final first race, where 7 of 15 participants had to be eliminated at downloadable stage, started FOUR HOURS BEFORE SHEDULED TIME: 12pm instead of 16pm. So, a range of qualified participants in this time simply continued to sleep and were unable in any way recieve information about this cataclysm. In such way at least 3 players from PC section were kicked out from competition - I dont know exactly about game consoles. These people won selection rounds, for a months prepared themselves to this semifinal at hell Italy stages - and their destiny occur solved in so nice way!

As a ground for it they proclamed, that they recieved information about potential cheating, particularry, if I understood right, they decided that just me who goes to participate under somebody's account. As I remember, I've really for joke said about this possibility to one guy, who qualified in Portugal and had no any chance: it was simply a form of sarcasm upon the way in which he passed to this event. For me such "cheating" would be absolutly useless, because nobody else from my country was qualified, and I would be anyway unable to go Wales with foreign passport. But, as we shall see later, they have a reason to afraid very much of some strong honest player participation in final possibility: looks like, there other can feel themselves bad without instruments, avaiable only in online races. But in what consist the guilt of those qualified players, which they sacrificed to their persecution mania? Its simply impossible to imagine more nice "sports" event, where participants have no ANY rights and can be without any ceremony kicked out by the Master's fancy.


But... its also NOT ALL. After morning (one stage) event finish, for 16pm two-stage final was sheduled. And manager in chat room announced to qualified 8 players, that they will compete at 2d and 5th Italy stages. After that I played as a sparring partner with my friend, one of those 8, who prepared himself to that final part. I asked him: may be, they said one, but really it will be other? "No, they officially proclamed", he answered. Officially... of course, as a result not those, but 3d and 4th stage were used. I think, no need to explain, that such "joke" have some sense only in one case: when SOME of participants recieved TRUE information, and the very possibility of it turn joke into crime action, making from "sports" someone idiotic farce. We see, that till our days doctor Goebbels' disciples still live at his motherland and follow to his precept: to lie in maximally impudent way, for people would unable to believe, that such lie is possible at all. But nazy propaganda minister usually operated in more sensible and carefull way, while our hero, as I found observing his behaviour, cannot count more than one move forward and acts straight from the shoulder.


So, it was already said about our little gang's main hope destiny. But, looks like, they have no reason to grieve too much: how do you think, from what country the winner occur?.. - yes, you are right. Only one detail about him: before Italy event all qualified players prepared themselves for a range of weeks, making training at all Italy stages and gradually improving their passing times there. And this winner also made the same... at all stages, except of 1st: there he rested with 2 month before made result, moving with it down from 2 to somewhat 7th position in world leaderboards. And only AFTER his victory he gone there and improved it up to world record. Its easy to see, that just THIS stage was not presented nor in announced pair, neither in real. Accidentally? - I'm practically sure...

As for second place winner... he is well-known cheater, using "stop-timer" in world leaderboards struggle. Practically it means he write manually needed result directly into tables. But he forgot one thing: instead of time, program sends to server for top ten results also ghost and replay of this good run. So, he knew about it, but till last patch one issue spoiled this function: if next run driver made worse result, but also top 10, replay had become changed to worst. And guy missed the moment of problem solving and continued to write into tables results, better than at replay.

But its not all. In Fryday (two days before semi-final) I played with him and our common friend in multiplayer, Italy stages. I won 6 of 6 with good advantage, even if made errors, and then his friends told, that he weeped and said, that he cannot faster, and in vain at all participate. But already in Saturday he not enough that began to overtake most fast racers, but also he, instead of prepare himself to Italy battle, gone to other locations and beated there world records (some of them even without stop timer), which he before unsuccessfully tried to beat for months. I think, no need to explain origins of such metamorphosis. I can only add, that Grunner was a fan of this player from times of shakedown tournaments.

Third place winner made two stages so-so, and when four finalists finished with very close good times, it was similar to he has no chance in the last run (with second half of finalists). But in the last race he made very good... the only problem is so: he began to produce also great lag, and all spectators saw, how he go by forbidden area, through bushes and ditches, producing in such way his advantage. Experienced gamers knows well also possible origins of such effects. I can mention, that in earler events, before game patch release, similar effects appeared sometimes with quite many players, but now it was the only case in all runs.


So, what to say for conclusion? Some people can tell "Its their competition, they can do what they want". But the matter is not so simple. First of all, MONEY for prizers and organization are NOT their. And if as a result of serial events abandoning without sensible reason sponsors instead of promotion recieve only disgrace, it means we see evident breach of trust.

But moreover... I know, that just few weeks ago even in Russia cybersport competitions were officially declared by Sports Ministery as sports events (and people asked - why not poker?). Of course, most European countries much earlier. It means such activity generally is under influence of LAW. And if prize was announced and competition started, it means, that all participants became partial owners of this prize till that moment, when they will be eliminated from competition via honest struggle. And if those, whoes function is just to keep this honest character of struggle, - if they, vice versa, use their authorities for eliminate these participants in some OTHER way, it means we observe a LARCENY with aggravation. Its no doubt CRIMINAL ACTION - no matter, what is the prizes' scale. But in our case we see, that such action in direct and impudent way produced by staff members of quite large company, operating also with great money amounts. I think, its quite good reason for distribute information about it wider - with the aim of for the ends of all it could reach those institutions, which has to prevent similar activities.