View Full Version : SuperMario Galaxy (Preview)

11-27-2007, 04:21 PM
Super Mario Galaxy is going to be the latest installment to the Mario franchise. This review will not include my usual Pros & Cons section because this is only a preview. I personally can not wait for this game to come out everyone one the forum obviously knows what a huge fan of the Super Mario franchise I am. This games release date is 11/12/07 and will only be on the Wii. From what Iv'e seen this is going to be a great game. The graphics are amazing and there are many new powers for Mario to use such as Bee Mario,Ice,and Fire Flower Mario as seen in previous games there are going to be more but I have not found out what they will be.Anyway this definately a game of the year canidate for the Wii there is no dought about it. I really can't give a rating for this game since this is only a preview but I would say this game will earn a solid 10/10. I highly reccomend picking this game up when it is released.

04-03-2008, 06:26 PM