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11-27-2007, 04:23 PM
This is an older game for the Wii but I thought I'd review it. Big Brain Academy Wii Degree is the sequel to the brain teasing game for the Nintendo DS. This game is very fun with a lot of mini games some of these mini games are repetitive but that shouldn't stop anyone from having fun with this game. This may not be a game for experienced and or mature players. Though this game does not have a real story to go by and it does not really use the motion sensitive features it is still a very fun and addicting game.


1. Wide selection of mini games to choose from.

2.Multi Player, Versus, and Co-op.

3. use your own Mii stored on the console as your character.

4. fun and addicting game play


1.some repetitive mini games

2.no real story mode for the game

3.may not be a game for mature and or experienced players

4. does not really use wii's motion sensitive feature in a unique way such as other Wii games

Final Score 2/5


This is a game you should really consider picking up for younger gamers as for the rest of us this is not a game you should consider getting. In my opinion I think this is a very fun game for kids and adults despite its flaws this game should keep younger gamers entertained for hours and should keep those kids at heart entertained as well I should know my parents love it.

05-24-2009, 03:41 PM
its an okay game not what i taught it would be but oh well.
ps it sucks.