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GF Eric
11-28-2007, 05:00 PM
OK young people. You have a task if you choose to accept it. You will have a company with a product. All you need to do is make a product, a pitch, and manage your company. In doing this you will have a chance at getting GFP.

Now it depends on you to get to the top. You will need your product to distribute: Avatar's, Signature's, Reputation, GFP, Movies, etc.

In making your company, you may want a Stock to increase your profit as people buy to be part of the company. (If you have someone buy your stock they will have to pay you GFP to be part of it - price starts at 5gfp and grows from there)

Ok so to start you need this:

1. Company Name
2. A 1 to 4 Letter of your Company Ticker for Stock
3. Product
4. Pitch (Presentation)