View Full Version : Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars

11-30-2007, 01:51 PM
Pick up passengers and drive them to their destination before the clock runs down, then get more time added to pick up another one. That's Crazy Taxi, Sega's famous arcade title that inspired hordes of imitators from The Simpsons Hit and Run to GTA 3.


The game shows it's age these days but it's still fun, and this version includes both the San Francisco based original and it' slightly less exciting New York sequel, along with 2 player face off and the option to replace the annoying music with your own tunes.


You can play with the original arcade rules, in which case you'll have to be pretty good to last more than a couple of minutes, or just go for a high score in timed mode.
The quirky controls translate well to PSP but the game moves so fast that it has big trouble streaming the graphics off the disk the cars often float in a grey void while the scenery struggles to catch up. It's a tiny glitchy arcade machine in your pocket.



Graphics: Fast and smooth enough but the road and buildings often disappear 6/10

Lifespan: Two whole Crazy Taxi games plus some multi player for fans 7/10

Final Score: 6.9/10