View Full Version : FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

11-30-2007, 01:56 PM
There's a reason why this isn't called Flatout 3. Anyone who's played 2 will recognize the stunt modes and tracks, along with most of the vehicles and characters. It might sound bleak but largely this is a deluxe rendition of the second game, released in swanky HD-O-Vision. But wait!. More really is better in Flatouts world of hectic super destructive, slap 'n' tickle racing.

You've now got 12 racers on the track instead of 8, and so the chaos that erupts around you is wider than it's ever been.
Brand new is the carnage mode a re jigged collection of events geared towards destruction as an alternative to the race-focused career mode, while the new scoring system behind the derbies is ideal.

Should Flatout 2 veterans think twice about Ultimate Carnage? nope. The thing about Flatout is that no two races are ever the same,, and that holds true here, in the best version yet released. But if you like your racing games to be clean and predictable you'd best steer clear and stick with Forza 2.

It's Flatout 2 given a seriously pretty makeover and superior solidarity.