View Full Version : Welcome to the GF TeamSpeak Board!

02-28-2008, 04:35 PM
This is the official board to discuss anything regarding the Gamers Forum TeamSpeak Servers.

You can discuss when you may want to get on with another member to have a little chat. Or if you have questions regarding the TeamSpeak servers, please make your own thread here and ask for help.

If you need help connecting, stay tuned for another thread that will explain to you step by step how to download, install, and set up team speak so you can connect to the GF TS Servers Properly.

A Maximum of 50 People may be online at one time on the TeamSpeak servers. As time goes by and if it gets more popular, the 50 will be changed to a 100 and then eventually a second TeamSpeak server will be added.

Enjoy the TS servers!