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03-21-2008, 10:19 AM
This is a series of games that are on the Nintendo DS and this is the fourth installment in a succesful series, this game is one heck of a ride. Originally, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was the game that started it all. And with those three games Phoenix was the star. After those three games, they released a fourth one, but this one wasn't hosting Phoenix as the star, but a new "rookie" defense attorney, Apollo Justice, who is starting out on his "adventure." Anyway, the Ace Attorney series is about being a defense attorney and defending your client. It actually forces you to use logic and really think about stuff, and it has one heck of a story with major plot twists that I really love. Now to talk about the game itself. This game basically features two things, Investigating and the Trial itself. In the investigating part you get to search for clues and move around a lot from place to place. It isn't fun but when you are doing the scientific stuff like looking for foot-prints, finger-prints, blood tests, etc. It's really fun and I enjoy it because it fully use's the "Touch-Sensor's Ablities," and I feel that is important. Now the trial has you using your mind and thinking, remembering back to when you were investigating and finding out stuff. It also doesn't hurt to bring some evidence into it, in fact, it helps a lot. Now, I hope you enjoy this review of probably one of my most favourite games, and a game that I will definately never forget... welcome to the world of Apollo Justice!


Graphics: 8/10

I really want to say this is the best game, but I can't. I'd like to say that it does it's best in all categories but I can't. Simply because of the graphics. Now, don't get me wrong, they changed from the last three games.. for the better. But for hard-core gamers like us these days the graphics don't really fill the empy spot that is labelled graphics. Now, if I was making a defense attorney game I'd focus 110 percent on the gameplay and the story, and focus atleast 80 percent on the graphics. But I did think they did the best they could do and I could see they tried. Let me start of by saying the characters emotions over-react a bit. I mean screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," in court real loud isn't allowed. And the emotions are a bit crazy. Talking about emotions, they are little animations. Like when the character sweats there are little drops going down like rain. I mean learn to distringuish rain from sweat, but whatever, I looked past that. The characters are actually really good. The characters are the best I must say, they are designed quite well. But what I didn't like was the back-ground. Say you went to a place in the game called "Sunshine Colosseum." It looks like they took a picture of a real colosseum and painted it. I mean that's cool and all, but how bout' put more effort in it? The graphics aren't horribe but I have seen better. But I don't want to compare them to YuGiOh or other stuff like that.. because compared to that this is Mr. Gears of Warx3. Anyway, the graphics can use tunining, but if you love the game from the beginning, you can see past that and enjoy it for what it really is. A game that makes you think before you act.



Story: 10/10

What can I say. The story was the main goal of the game, and they achieved it. The best part of it is that there is always a twist. Always. And it all makes sense later on. Also, everything is connected. Completed a case? It's going to come back and haunt you, trust me. Anyway, this is the story without spoilers. Phoenix Wright turns in his Attorney badge and here comes Apollo Justice. A new defense attorney ready to unravel mysteries. But little does Apollo know that every case has a conclusion he won't expect. If I reveal to much, you will be spoiled. So I will refrain from doing that. Anyway, like I said, the story is wonderful, they worked a lot on it. But the one thing I disliked was that there is blocks and blocks of text to read. I wasn't really ready, and it threw me off guard. But I got used to it and I now understand why they should do it that way. I actually agree with the blocks of text, but I suggest make it more interesting. But as you play, it gets interesting and you get used to it. Like I did. The story gets a 10/10.

Gameplay: 9/10

The gamepaly is divided into two parts. Investigating and the trial itself. The trial is where you will be defending your client, so I hope you have enough evidence. And thge investigation is important itself, because without it, you aren't going to get any evidence and information. In the investigation you will be able to do several things, talk to people, examine prints like toe prints, foot prints, finger prints, and even blood prints. These things fully use the touch-sensor ability and it is actually to use them. Now, before you do them, you will have a tutorial and you will learn to use them. Next, the trial. The trial is where you have to defend your client. And you need solid evidance. And guess where it's going to come from? You got it. (OR NOT) They come from the investigation. So I hope you look at the most peculiar spots. Never know when you are going to find something. The trial you basically have to present evidance and listen to witness's testify and you need to cross-examine them too. Prove there is a contradiction, and you've got this. Anyway, there are some down-side. Most of the gameplay includes looking at miles of text which I didn't really like. But if you see it through it, good job. The gameplay deserves a solid 9/10.


Overall: 9/10

This game is good. If not good, then great. I enjoyed playing it. Even though it got a bit repetitive, it still is a good game. I haven't even finished with it. And it already took me around 10+ hours to get to the last case. The graphics aren't all that bad, but could use tuning. The story was fantastic. I think this game deserves a solid 9/10.