View Full Version : GTA IV XBox Live Death Match Tournament

08-17-2008, 11:17 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen announcing the GTA IV Death Match Tourny on XBL. all are welcome to join the bloody destructive action of a GTA 4 Death Match. The Tournament will consist of a best 2 out of 3 20 minute long Death Matches were the one who has the most kills at the end of the two sessions wins if two players are tied with the highest scores then those two will participate in one final death match to determine the winner. there is a strict number of eight participants so hurry and join the fun. The 1st place winner will recieve 200 gfp 2nd place will recieve 100 gfp and 3rd place will recieve 50 gfp. if interested please post your GamerTag in this thread or message me at my GamerTag Dragonballx77.


1. if using voice chat no cursing or trash talk to other players I will be listening

2. no cheating

Note: Violation of any of the rules will reasult in a disqualification from the tourny


1. XBox 360

2. XBox Live Gold Membership

3. GTA 4










Note: The Tournament will begin when I have an internet connection my Router and modem are f'd up i am currently on my mom's laptop plugged directly into the modem so that means my XBL cant connect im getting a new modem on wendsday so if all goes well I will hopefully start the torunament on that thursday at 5 pm I will let you know when the exact date will be

edit: ok my Xbox live is back up and running so the contest wil start soon