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10-02-2008, 08:35 PM
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Gold Slam was released on August 28th of 2008. It's publisher was Aeria Games which are known for there F2P RPG. Gold Slam is free to download at Gold Slam - Free Online Tennis Game at Aeria Games (http://www.goldslam.aeriagames.com)

I am a big fan of “Prince of Tennis” a popular amine based around Japanese high school tennis. I got an email about it the game and decided to give it a try. Which I am glad that I did try it, because I caught onto it very quickly.

When you start off you get to pick from 5 different characters. Each have different strengths and weaknesses such as, the males having heavier shots and the females having better footwork. I personally like the females better, because they can get to the ball quicker.

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After you pick your character you are ready to start your first match. You can pick from a singles match, which is 1 on 1 or a doubles match which is 2 on 2. Doubles matches are fun to play if you have someone who knows what they are doing. I always get paired up with someone who can't play at all, so I stick to singles matches. I'm sure it would be a lot of fun if you hard a friend playing with you.

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As you level up, more cloths are are available for you to wear. The cloths are not just for looks. They increase you stats, each level of clothing as the level increases makes your stats go up. There are four different stats in which you can increases. Shot Power, Determines how fast and hard the ball goes. Control allows you to hit the ball more accurately. Footwork enables you to move faster, which is everything in tennis. Lastly, Concentration allows you to find the ball path faster than normal. It's great for net play, when you only have a second to react.

You can also do single player games, but I think it's glitched or something. If you beat the guy, it still says you lose. No idea why, I defiantly won.... The graphics are not to bad, you can tell what everything is, which is what I look for in games. One thing that does bother me about the game is the lag. For some reason everyone who plays the game has dial up. The ball will bounce 3 times and he hits it, then it says he got a point? Very annoying and makes the game not fun.

Graphics - 7/10
Typical graphics for a Free game. Not really that bad, but not really that good either.

Game Play - 8/10
The game is how I suspected it to be. Which in my case I thought it was going to be really good.

Life Span - 6/10
I played it a few hours a day, it kind of gets repetitive. MY record is 60-43 at the moment. I played the game for a week maybe. I'm starting to play it less and less to be honest.

Story Line - 0/0
There is none, which means they didn't want on in it. So it would be unfair to rate it.

Overall - 7/10
I would say it's a decent game to play when you bored. It's pretty easy to get good at as soon as you learn the controls. It's also the only online tennis game that I've ever seen, which makes it unique.

05-24-2009, 03:39 PM
hmm i have to check this one out :)