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  1. The Cold Hard Truth #1

    I am so excited about The Elder Scrolls Online. SO. Excited.

    It is to bad this game will fail.

    I am not saying it wont enjoy some success. It will at first, but the constant fresh content needed will dry up. And the user base? It will be split between 3 systems that don't share members.


    And these 3 groups will not be equal. You will have a lot of other great ...

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  2. Next Gen Chioces

    What system is better is often a question about opinion. And any opinion you have is based on personal experiances, good solid reason for your preference. So if you love the xbox or playstation, thats fine. That means you have been having fun on those consoles. And having fun is what matters.

    What I want you to consider, is the idea that you could be having more fun. I'm not going to insult you by saying my choice to play on the PC is better than yours, that would simply be me trying ...

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