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  1. Gamers Forum YouTube a.k.a. Gamers Forum Universe

    Find info on the new Gamers Forum YouTube Channel (Gamers Forum Universe) below, spread the word!

    Gamers Forum Universe - YouTube

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    This has ben in the plans for quite some time, due to lack of time and a bunch of other stuff, we haven't been able to push forward with the plans of a Gamers Forum YouTube channel...Until now.

    Since the name "GamersForum" was taken by one of our older mods a few years ago as an attempt to do what we're doing now,
  2. my lame profile picture

    Wow after this whole time i realized that gifs don't work as profile pictures so my profile picture is kinda lame i will have to switch it does anyone have any funny pictures in this size i can use?
  3. Happy Birthday Gamers Forum!

    Thanks to everyone for being a part of Gamers Forum! This week, we celebrate the forum's 6th Birthday!

    Quote Originally Posted by LiNuX View Post
    This Week, Gamers Forum turns 6 years old. I would like to thank everyone (past and present) for helping the forum get to where it is today. We have moved through three different forum software, a dozen different themes, and almost a 100 total mods/plugins across the three platforms over the 6 years. We have come far and we will continue to go further.

    The forum has
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  4. New GF Theme : GF Morbid Blue

    New Theme added, it seems to be very compatible with the GF Blogs, less bugs than Darkvision GF>

    Quote Originally Posted by LiNuX View Post
    In celebration of the Forum's 6th Birthday coming up in a week, we have added a brand new theme to the Mix. The theme is called GF Morbid Blue. You can select the new theme from the bottom left hand drop down list (Theme selector) on any page on click the following link: Gamers Forum

    The theme should be more compatible with our version of vB, the popups should be readable
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  5. Crae's Adventures With the GF Crew (Icewind Dale)

    I recently dusted off my uncle's collection of old games and discovered, among other great titles, Icewind Dale. In Icewind Dale the first thing you do when you start a new game is create 6 characters for your party. I decided to create characters with the names of some GF regulars.

    The Characters:

    Crae, the Tall
    Dwarf warrior.
    I got fairly crappy rolls for this character, but finally managed to get my constitution maxed and my strength ...

    Updated 08-03-2012 at 10:43 PM by CraeSC111

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