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  1. July 19th Downtime

    Quote Originally Posted by LiNuX View Post
    Our server experienced technical issues early Thursday morning which made the server inaccessible. I had no access due to the physical server being down. After the Datacenter tried to fix the issue all day, it was decided that we move to a new server. So for the past few hours the forum was moved to a new server and so far everything is stable.

    You may notice lag here and there for the next day as I run some tests and work on the backend of the new server. No data was lost in the
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  2. Gamers Forum Rules

    Welcome to Blog Post number 2, I thought I would test out the "Blog This Post" feature on the forum as well as post the rules of Gamers Forum at another location. Be sure to read them and follow them!

    Quote Originally Posted by LiNuX View Post
    Forum Rules and guidelines

    All the forum rules must be followed by all members and all forum staff. Disobeying will result in warnings and/or infractions. Too many infractions will result in a ban. Below are a set of rules to follow followed by the list of
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  3. Knibbler's Miniature Musings

    So I've been waiting for these blogs to be activated since the upgrade to the forum..
    And I think I'm going to start with a few images of my painted miniatures that I have spent almost forever on..

    So let's name and shame my victims...

    My Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine, from the Warhammer 40k Universe..

    Lorathâm, from Enigma's 'Massive ...
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  4. Welcome to the Gamers Forum Blog

    Welcome to the Gamers Forum Blog. This blog will be opened to all members for the forum's 6th Birthday in August. This post serves as a welcome to both the forum and the blog. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here or in the Questions & Suggestions board.

    Hope to see some blogging.

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