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  1. Haha wouldn't we all :P, props to you though, I barely have time with school and work, but I really want to get back into it...but really can't find the time
  2. Yeah. If I win the lottery any time soon, I can quit my job and school and focus on the forum

    If only.
  3. Ahh yeah man, it's hard for sure, takes a lot of your time. Especially with work and school!
  4. Thanks but the Forum has been very slow lately

    I've been very busy with school and work myself, barely have time to be online anymore.
  5. Yeah, sure has been lol, everything is good, school and work pretty much all that keeps me busy, what about you? Forum is huge now, congrats!
  6. Hey what's up, it's been years. How are you doing?
  7. Linux!!! How've you been doing?! Remember me?
  8. hope not lol

    and your youtube video area in this forum - its blank lol - dont think you have the video url in properly - thats IF you wanted something in there - i dont feel like going into admin panel to check lol

    aim for 2000, bigger
  9. Haha, thank you Linux ..Don't worry, 1800 will come a lot quicker .
  10. congratz on 1700 posts finally lol...tool you like 2 months to get from 1600 something to 1700
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