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  1. if possible have guests see less forums and possibly features unless they took direct links to them like via search engine.
  2. you gotta remove a good amount of sub forums. theres too many for this many active users, thousands of daily visits I think the format is too complex.
  3. Anytime

    I'm installing Linux on a friend's computer as I'm typing this. It's an awesome OS.
  4. Just wanted to thank you again for helping me out with Linux, it fixed way more than just that corruption issue.
  5. Found this on reddit, and I thought you of all people would be interested/angered at this:

    300 Heroes : Fake Chinese League of Legends clone - YouTube
  6. My favorite distro is Fedora. Try that.

    Ubuntu is also a favorite of many people.
  7. Which LiveCD should I get, new to Linux, and I'm not sure what features are required to notice a difference.
  8. Thanks! I will try to do one every week or so.
  9. Done. Make me proud!
  10. Can I get the rank of Reviewer back?

    I feel a lot more interested in it than I did before.
    But if there's too many right now, than I understand.
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