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  1. Hey man my mom is lame an does not trust the internet otherwise i would buy L4D2 at this cheap price but i cant so if you could buy it for me you would be the coolest guy i know and id be your B**ch for the month of november
  2. crae thi time 3 people really are on 4 somtimes when bryce comes on
  3. go on irc 3 people are on right now 4 if you join
  4. oh okay tell me if you go on im bored as hell
  5. Ah sorry. Its around 6:15 here now
  6. oh alright whens that its 6:30 here for me
  7. Class till 6:30 sorry
  8. you should go on mc so im not bored :P
  9. okay no problem
  10. Errrr....... I dun really want anyone to make my sig for me. I want it to be special for when I actually think of something
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