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  1. Ha, I understand that. I actually have a lvl 132 that I've been working on since I was about 9 and I just get extremely bored of it.
  2. haha, no way man. I spent way to much time on that account to give it away. It's level 96 with like 5 mill cash and what use to be 30 mill in items, probably not worth as much anymore.
  3. You should totally give me that account man :P I'm looking for a new account to lvl up
  4. Yeah haven't been on my account in a year or so though.
  5. Didn't you used to play runescape?
  6. Just making sure you heard. Falcons beat the panthers = p
  7. because have been busy maybe later just takes so long
  8. Why haven't you beat my kick ups score yet?
  9. Just give up now = ) You will never win.
  10. Heyy nice to have someone to fight for the kick-up games
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