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  1. I think I may have scarred you with that.
    just comparing that to guys in pink. I see a difference.
    Maybe pink being a manly color is the reason I don't like it?
  2. XD ! Haha.
    I went to an anime convention at the end of July, Colossal Con. Anyway, I saw two guys in mini-skirts and blouses...
    Not a pretty sight. .__.
  3. I know =p, now days you see more guys wearing pink than girls. Pretty soon guys are going to be wearing skirts......

    Eww, I take that back never mind. That brought some bad pictures. I say it stops with pink = p
  4. So I guess I don't exactly hate pink if I like it with black.... Lol.
    Anyway, you like pink? That's cool. ^_^
    Pink is a manly color! As they say. o.0 Hehe. XD
  5. I actually like some shades of pink. I do have a few pink shirts. I mean, how can you hate pink. ( =
  6. Lol. I actually hate pink...
    But if it's with black, I like it. xD
  7. Hey, Nice colors. Pink..... and more pink = p
  8. Hiya~!
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