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  1. Seriously. You know me well enough to know, 1. I'm not stupid. 2. I'm not a dick, if you're not a dick*.

    * Usually. LOL. <3

    But seriously, I don't care if I get another infraction because people get butthurt. If the ADMIN tells me something, I don't need to hear it again from 3 different morons who are all saying the same ****ing thing. I mean -- Christ Almighty.
  2. I feel ya with all the spam post / bad mods. We may have clashing opinions on things, but that **** pisses me off too.
  3. Lol, hey now. I was sticking to strict grammar corrections only, but yeah, I just read through it. It was pretty hilarious, the threads locked now, I'm sad. I like how Jacob thought we were angry though, hard to be angry at someone when you can't read what they're saying lol!!
  4. You, my friend -- are straight up, a bad influence. Lmfao.

    Did you see Jacob's last post? It was completely incomprehensible. Lolol -- pissed him off so bad, he probably went and asked his parents if they still loved him.

    >_<!! Ohhh man. You got me into trouble!
  5. Yeah lol. Always have to make sure the newbies stay in line and know their place.
  6. Lol. Well, I hit him once a few days ago for being a dick to someone, and he actually said -- "What, you've been here like 12 days!" -- to his like 2 months, lol.

    So I had to textually castrate him, a bit.
  7. Yeah, being busy sucks, that's why I quit sports lol. Though, I'm guessing your busy is completely different from mine (from what it use to be. )

    And it's always fun to see a few post of you just breaking down what someone said. Makes me remember the good old times.
  8. Lmfao. Yeah, I decided that between work, school started up, and just not caring too much about how things are run here, I'm not here so often. I started off strong because it was active, but lately -- it's only the same people and there's no real say beyond anything else.

    So, while his grammar is ridiculously atrocious -- I've pretty much stopped caring a lot about this site, because it's attitude, is that it doesn't care about its members. Leave or Go, it's impartial.

    So, I don't feel the need to stick around as frequently as I have in the past.
    I check in and read up now and then on what I want, but now that Jak's banned -- it's so ridiculously slow here, boring, and there's no updates to read anything anymore -- lol.

    As much of a prick as he was, and how he totally deserved it, he was a good portion of the activity on this forum.
  9. I'm surprised you haven't went after Street Soldiers grammar yet. It's nearly as bad as jacobs lol. I almost feel the need to correct it.

    I haven't even seen you on much anymore. Too busy or what?
  10. HAHAHHAHAHAHah .... I gotta hand that one too you.

    You made me Lol @ work.

    Touche, Micro Nemesis.
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