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  1. Dude, really important, what was the pass I gave you to login to Minecraft? Please be quick
  2. Just Slay. Easier to remember then Slaylolop.
    If that's taken it will be Slayer. :3
  3. i guess...what u changin it to
  4. Can I BARROW, meaning I will return it, the money for a username change?
  5. thats cool haha we probably can't play on the same server though which sucks.

    good to know cuz i could install it on like 4 computers and play on a bunch of different servers at the same time hahaha
  6. It looks like two people can be online at the same time then, :P
  7. i just logged off now
  8. Are you on multiplayer MC, I kinda need it right now. :P
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